UPC: “We’ve identified quality and people of good standing” as candidates in next polls

Head of Media & Communications at UPC Muzeyi Faizo addressing media on Wednesday. Courtesy photo.

Kampala—October 21, 2020: Uganda Peoples Congress says she has successfully concluded the nomination exercise of its candidates at both “local government and parliamentary level” for the 2021 general elections.

“This time, this term, the Uganda Peoples Congress has recorded interest from all the fourteen (14) traditional regions of the country and has nominated candidates at all levels and in line with the Party President’s standpoint of “strengthening our firm foundation through grassroots mobilization”.”

Addressing the media in Kampala Wednesday, 21 October 2020, Mr Muzeyi Faizo, Head of Media and Communications of the Akena-led UPC, reveals that UPC has nominated a big number of candidates at both Parliamentary and local government level which include: District Chairpersons, City Mayors, Municipal/Division Mayors, LC 3 Chairpersons and Councillors comprising of all levels who are to represent the Party in 2021 general elections across the country.

This effort, he reveals, is a result of “continuous engagement with our members throughout the country”.

Mr Muzeyi added that from July last year, the UPC leadership with support from the Netherlands Institute for Multi-party Democracy (NIMD) through Interparty Organization for Dialogue (IPOD), organized a series of trainings across the country targeting party members and a critical, but necessary contact was made that enabled UPC leadership to reach out and touch base with their members.

“It is through these trainings that the values, aspirations of UPC were let known to its members. We are now able to witness its impact through the increased numbers registered in the participation of 2021 elections,” he added.

The head of media and communications congratulated all those that were able to accomplish the nomination processes and “wish them the very best at 2021 elections”. “We would also like to inform them that the UPC leadership shall be with you in this journey and promise that whatever support available shall always be rendered to you!”

UPC leadership asked members who were defeated in the primaries and nomination processes “not to despise those who went through” adding that “those who were unable are all members of UPC!”

“As we have come to the Electoral Commission Campaign Programme, we want to call upon the electorate of Uganda, first to look into the manifesto presented by UPC, which contains the most Political Agenda in which the economic, health, agricultural, education and transport among other programmes as stated in our Party Manifesto of the year 2021—2026, can be handled to suit a citizen of this country!”

“We have identified quality and people of good standing at Parliamentary and local council levels, to execute this program for the betterment of the common citizen. We therefore urge you, electorates, to give UPC leaders an opportunity by electing candidates at all levels where you find UPC candidates participating,” says Faizo.

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