OPINION: Has ghetto chaps empowered themselves enough to challenge Dr. Museveni?

President Yoweri Museveni and Bobi Wine [R] will face-off in 2021 polls. Courtesy photo.

Like a love relationship, political contest is a game which inspires and attracts only challengers who are either equal in status or have developed feelings that she or he is at the same status with the incumbent.

Author – Asuman Odaka.

Nobody challenges a person who, himself or herself is convinced is not at an equal footing with. Even in Jopadhola we say “….kisi dhano geyo kama nyalo….” Loosely meaning everybody touches where he reaches.

Just like it’s in politics, (a general rule) people who fall in unconditional and comfortable love relationships will always have an equalisation element between them. This can be in terms of educational standards, financial status, social status, etc. I am however cognizant of the exceptional situations as well.

This thought reminds me of a song of our local artist…..bwooba kifafa, n’abakumatira nabo baba bifafa,…… I.e. “If you’re deaf, you will be courted by  the deaf, if educated you will be courted by the educated, if you’re a buffoon, you’ll be courted by buffoons, …etc. and therefore, if you are a respected President, your competitors will only be Presidential calibre or you come down to the ‘buffoonery’ levels you would want to push them to.

For some time now, with amazement, i have listened to many people especially the supporters of Dr. Museveni abusing, demeaning, downgrading, insulting, belittling and or speaking about Bobi Wine as an inexperienced, excited former drug abuser who doesn’t match the rich calibre of the son of Late Kaguta.

But each time these people open their mouths to down grade Bobi Wine, I ask myself if they actually know or understand the propaganda value this has in favour of HE Bobi Wine Presidential journey; for this unsophisticated, pedestrians propaganda strategy portrays them as simply panicky rumour mongers, disorganized at their game, scared to the bone marrow, stuck with a competent opponent and gambling group devoid of any reason.

It either pulls Bobi Wine to no other league less than to the level of political tactician, military virtuoso and an experienced statesman, the group wants to categorise Dr. Museveni. 

In fact, whenever the supporters of Mr. Museveni down grade Bobi Wine, they are in opposite down grading and abusing their own man as a mate of a hooligan, a mate of a drug abuser, a mate of ghetto muyaye and by extension, the same a failure by Dr. Museveni to create better conditions and environment where competent and able nationals could be groomed into national leadership.

Therefore, if Bobi Wine Presidency is to condemn Uganda, Dr. Museveni and his group should stand guilty and should be convicted for leading us to this point. Otherwise, as things stand now, whatnot Bobi Wine is, whether bad or good, he is only to the extent of his mate, Dr. Museveni.

In fact, to show how unsophisticated Dr. Museveni group is, even when they have to attack their opponents they do it in a very shabby way that it easily boomerangs to their disadvantage.

Even grounds where they would try hard to convince the people that actually the Bobi Wine and ghetto story is one of success stories of the Museveni rule where a ghetto nobody works hard, rises and dreams to be President of a great nation, but still they fail

Even where they have achievements, they seem so inadequate to even explain and enumerate them with confidence without making a fool of themselves.

But we must remember that before Bobi Wine emerged, previous elections had attracted very polished politicians who opted to challenge Dr. Museveni. Talk about Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere, talk about celebrated education planner of M.K. Mayanja class, the word smith, Nobert Mao, Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, intelligent and decorated military officers like Col. Besigye, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, Gen. Biraro, Prof.  Byamureeba among others.

Despite the supposed proficiency in leadership and wide experience in politics, Dr. Museveni seemed way ahead of them in the power game, their support and performance seemed no match.

And many regret their action to even stand against the man. Yet others are walloping in frustrations as engineered by Mr. Museveni system which doesn’t favour or reward merits. Dr. Museveni has constructed a system of politics whereby to contest in an election, your level of madness must be a little higher; devoid of moral integrity and very risky to engage in.

Closely observed, whereas these were playing civilised politics, Dr. Museveni was playing the ghetto politics of hiring artists, comedians, musicians, etc to attract for him people; the trouble now is that the people Dr. Museveni used to hire to attract for him people to fill the campaign rallies are not merely supporting Dr. Museveni’s opponents but themselves are his opponents.

He invited the ghetto to political rallies so he should humbly put up with the masters of the ghetto politics as they have now decided to do it themselves.

I have also heard many insulting Bobi Wine supporters as very unserious lot of people who have decided to front an inexperienced and raw pop star musician who has no capability or even experience in governance to run a nation, who has no aorta of knowledge even about fiscal policy, but if the picture is as bad as they want to put it, isn’t this a national tragedy which Dr. Museveni must never be forgiven about?. But also didn’t we see professionals in fiscal policy sell banks on WhatsApp?

Secondly, isn’t Dr. Museveni activities in the ghetto and subsequent appointment of the likes of Butchaman, Kusasira, Full Figure, Sipapa among others an admission that Dr. Museveni has lowered himself, the quality of his leadership to a good for nothing Bobi Wine is a mate to Dr. Museveni.

My personal observation is that Bobi Wine is a real problem which Dr. Museveni cannot ignore or even solve.

The conduct and behaviours of his Lieutenants, the adverse effect evidenced the loss of weight of Dr. Museveni, visa saga and the budget support dilemma we know from the donor world.

The panicky mood and evident failure to lay fingers on the magic button leaves the question!

The writer is an aspiring MP, Tororo Municipality 2021

WhatsApp: +256753195384

Email: asumanmrjn@gmail.com

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