Obal quits Ajuri MP race, declares candidature for Northern Youth MP

Obal Daniel for Northern Youth MP contest in 2021. File photo.

“When i announced my candidature, many received it with open hands….,” Daniel Obal.

Lira—17 October 2020: The former Ajuri Constituency MP aspirant who lost in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party primary elections to carry the flag has quit the constituency race.

Obal announced these few days after he had declared to face off with State Minister for Sports, Denis Hamson Obua on Independent ticket.

After losing the party internal elections to Minister Obua, Obal petitioned the NRM Electoral Commission to nullify the results on grounds of irregularities and non-compliancy with electoral laws. However, the tribunal, in dismissing the petition, noted that they were “unable to verify that the irregularities could have affected the outcomes of the election in a substantial manner”.

In his press release on Thursday, October 15, 2020, Obal noted that he had withdrawn from the Ajuri constituency race following advice by senior politicians, religious and cultural leaders. In that same release, he declared that he would join the race for Northern Youth MP on Independent ticket, noting that “there’s already existing division and leadership vacuum among the youths after their uniting factor George Abudul was unfairly disqualified from the race”.

It must be remembered that early this month, the NRM Electoral Commission Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi denominated Mr. George Abudul from the race for NRM Youth MP Northern flag bearer, a move that has been widely castigated and described as witch-hunt, with a section of youth leaders blaming now official flag bearer, Boniface Okot for being the mastermind.

Okot who has since been an employee of the NRM Secretariat and a close family relative to NRM’s Deputy Secretary General, Richard Todwong.

Another contender in that race was Mandela Ekol, who lost by a narrow margin.

Obal’s journey for Northern Youth MP?

The 23-year-old lawyer has dared Minister Obua, a politician who has been perceived as very powerful within Lango. To many, they say Obal represents a new breed of leaders who must be carefully groomed as a better representative and power broker in Lango sub-region.

 His interest in Ajuri race made him popular and a somewhat a darling to many who praised his sense of oratory and articulation. Even before he announced his u-turn, joining the race for Northern Youth MP, he told this publication that discussions were already within the Lango fraternity on who is better placed to take on from Abudul.

“I (Obal) was already earmarked,” he said, “When i announced my candidature, many received it with open hands, noting that the announcement was long overdue.”

Denis Atile, an NRM youth chairperson from Oyam district opined that Obal Joining the race is the “best thing to happen in the Northern Youth MP race after the unfair dismissal of their kingpin Abudul”.

The youth leader said he would openly campaign for and support Obal’s candidature.

“This has been the mood across the Youths in Northern Uganda,” he told the publication.

Many are wondering what came over Obal, once a close friend to Okot Boniface, However, it’s believed the two fell out when Obal chose to support Geroge Abudul, a fellow tribe mate.

As Okot holds the flag for NRM party, there’s some expectation of a very tight race between the two. Youth Member of Parliament seat in Northern Uganda is rotational.

According to reports TND News could not verify, in 2016, it was negotiated that Abudul George, being a Lango, leaves it for Omony Oscar an Acholi.

Hearsays are also that it was agreed that Abudul would be supported to take the seat in 2021 general election. Being a Lango son, and with support from the Abudul’s led faction, Obal thinks he has a greater chance in the upcoming youth election.

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