LIRA: Why Bishop Wanok suspended Ikwera Girls SS d/headteacher, bursar

Secrets are out as to why the Bishop of Lira Diocese, Rt. Rev. Sanctus Lino Wanok ordered for the suspension of deputy head teacher of Ikwera Girls senior secondary school in Kwania district.

Ordered out is also a school bursar – all accused of failing to perform their roles, disrespect, abuse of office, including insulting students with bad languages.


The case of the two were before Lira district education committee few months ago, following recommendations from Board Members of the school who recommended that the two be removed from school and referred back to the Ministry of Education and Sports.

On August 14, 2019, Lira Diocese Education Committe announced final decision during a joint meeting to discuss the fates of the school and the duo.

Bursar Jimmy Kawana is facing allegation of leaving school without official leave for two weeks with his known mobile phone numbers switched off.

Agatha Luyuyo, the deputy headteacher is facing similar allegations.

The parish priest of Aduku Catholic parish, Father Valente Innocent Opio says they could not allow the two to “continue serving at school yet their action is affecting the service of others, including students”.

“This big school can just decline because of few employee’s motives and action that’s why we are recommending that they be suspended from this school,” Rev. Father Opio made his submission during a meeting on Wednesday.

The Diocese thinks the activities of the two at school was spoiling (spoiled) the image of the school, affected performances among others, adding: “Not acceptable by the value of Lira Diocese”.

Father Lawrence Opio, the secretary for education Lira Diocese told the meeting that Bishop had ordered that the “two be removed from the school and taken back to ministry of education since they have failed to change and accept to work together with fellow staff members”.


Aloricious Odongo, the head teacher also told the meeting that the deputy head teacher had “failed to leave and hand over to him officially ever since he (Mr. Odongo) was posted as the new head teacher of Ikwera Girls secondary school.

He also accused the sacked deputy of being disloyal and “always refuse to perform assignment I give her”.

Some teachers also accused the deputy head teacher of insulting the students with bad languages that has led to high drop out this academic term two.

Responding to those allegations, Agatha Luyuyo and Kwana Jimmy have all denied.

They jointly say “it’s made with ill intension to spoil our names.”

However, they all felt remorseful, guilty and asked school board and Lira Diocese to accept their apologies and pardon them.

“Deputy head teacher has been doing her work at will including bursar; do not want to take my assignments even sometimes using abusive language”, Odongo told the meeting.

Kwania district Inspector of Schools, Samauel Bunga told the meeting that they will take the decision of Lira Diocese to Ministry of Education and Sports “the way it is without changing or adding any into it”.

He cautioned teachers against being involved in practices that will spoil their names, adding that “teaching is a call that every teacher must do like serving the work of God”.

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