Bobi Sub-county in half-a- year ‘acute water catastrophe’

Bobi Police station in Omoro district. PHOTO BY OJARA DANIEL.


OMORO-Bobi Police station and Bobi Sub County headquarters in Omoro district are hit by ‘severe water crises’.

A police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity because he’s not the spokesperson says the station has been in water crisis for half a year now.

He also says there is only one unreliable functioning borehole at the Sub County headquarters fetched by hundreds of natives.

“We can’t escort suspects to go fetch water from another spring due to long distance and we fear they may vanish,” he added.

This news website understands that most of the boreholes broke down at the beginning of this year, 2018.

And with reported Cholera cases in some parts of the country and open defecation in the area, locals fear fetching from open water sources like dams and swamps.

The Local Council III Chairperson in charge Bobi Sub County, Mr. Richard Odongo says the problem of water crisis will be solved in the next financial year of 2018-2019.

He however adds that it will only be possible if the Karuma to Gulu water project starts working.

“The Karuma-Gulu water project is going on well and a huge water tank will be planted at Bobi Sub County headquarters,” Odongo revealed.

At the moment, Odongo says the Sub County headquarters and Bobi police station are using the only borehole drilled by Chinese company during their road works on Gulu-Kamdini highway.

The said borehole was drilled at Bobi Sub County headquarters.

However, those living in Bobi trading center and her neighborhood are suffering from water crisis which may normalize in the next fiscal year after Karuma to Gulu water project is successful.

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