Allowed and Disallowed: Museveni’s summarized 20th Covid-19 address

President Museveni has maintained curfew in his 20th address on Covid-19 on Sunday.

Museveni: Curfew, from 9pm to 6am, will be maintained; but for the boda bodas, their movements must always end at 6pm.

Kampala—20, September 2020: President Museveni addressed the country on Sunday evening for the 20th time. He spoke about Covid-19 situation in the country, recapping previous directives and measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

As expectations were before his address, Museveni and his government allowed resumption of church and mosque services, but with a limited number of worshippers.

Lower school up to the university will reopen on 15 October 2020 for candidates (finalists) classes only.

Below are summary of what has been allowed and disallowed by the government.

1. Schools will re-open on October 15 for the candidate classes of P-7, S-4, S-6, finalists in tertiary colleges and finalists in universities.

2. The International Airport and land borders will now be opened for tourists, coming in and going out, provided they tested negative 72 hours before arrival in Uganda and provided the tour operators ensure that the tourists do not mix with the Ugandans.

Returning Ugandans, who have negative PCR results, will be allowed to go home. The Ministry of Health will only get their addresses for follow up.

3. Restrictions on movements in border districts are hereby lifted.

4. Curfew, from 9pm to 6am, will be maintained; but for the boda bodas, their movements must always end at 6pm.

5. Places of worship should open with the following guidelines:

a. Individual prayers or confessions with priests or counselling with the necessary SOPs.

b. Prayers and fellowships whose numbers do not exceed 70 and by observing all the other SOPs. 

c. Night prayers and trans night activities are not allowed.

d. The regular large gatherings of prayers and preaching of Sundays and Fridays will be considered at a later stage, but the rule of the number of 70 and not more can be used on the Fridays and Sundays.

6. Open-air activities of sports will re-open provided there are no spectators and the players are tested for Covid-19, 72 hours before.  This test will expire in 14 days. Hence, the Sportsmen will have to repeat the test every fortnight.

Still on re-opening sports;

With tournaments, teams should be quarantined for the whole season of the competition.

Indoor sports activities, including gyms, remain closed.

7. Casinos, gaming centres, and cinemas remain closed.

8. Bars shall remain closed since drunkards have no sobriety and can be reckless.

9. Hotels will continue operating following the SOPs agreed with the Ministry of Health.

10. Restaurants should continue to emphasize the takeaways. Indoor restaurant services should be minimized and follow the SOPs.

11. Mobile Markets, monthly cattle auction and produce markets, should remain closed as the Ministry of Health continues to develop SOPs.

12. Mass gatherings are still prohibited.

13. The Bamasaaba engaged in the annual Imbalu (mass circumcision exercise) have SOPs from the Ministry of Health that were agreed with the Cultural Institution.  There should be no processions dancing Kadodi—that is, dangerous congregating.

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