3rd Annual Media Conference 2020 to take place in October

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Lira—13, September 2020The 2020 3rd Annual Media Conference (AMC) organised by Great Lakes Centre For Strategic Media Studies (GLCSMS) shall take place on 23 October 2020.

The annual event will bring together journalists, media managers, different leaders, members of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and a few invited people due to Covid-19.

Milton Emmy Akwam, GLCSMS’ Executive Director and the event’s chief convener since 2016, says the 2020 conference will be held with “a lot of difficulties due to Covid-19 pandemic” but promised that it “will start well and end well”.

“When we were closing the 2nd conference on 23 October 2019, we promised the best and a must attend conference this year. I have to believe that many who followed us on different radio stations that day and those who listened to speeches from the venue can attest to this. Sadly, we will have the next conference with restrictions due to Covid-19,” Mr Akwam added.

The 2019 conference was held under the theme: “Roles of Media, Stakeholders in Development and Prosperity” and it attracted 120 participants.

Some of the topics discussed then were: Media & Society: How the two should work, Sustainable Cities and Strong Communities, Media and Business: The Negatives and Positives, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Infrastructure, Industry and Innovation, Quality Education, Access to information, Gender Equality, among others.

According to Mr Akwam, the 2020 conference’s theme is: “Media’s contribution to creating positive awareness during pandemic and elections.”

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He says the theme was chosen and very important. “With media already playing key roles until 2021 general elections and like it (media) is doing during this time of pandemic, we could not get a better theme.”

“We are very ready to welcome everyone and committed to enforcing Covid-19 guidelines in fighting coronavirus,” GLCSMS chief added

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