TNDQuestions: Lango Cultural Foundation speaks out on Obada’s resignation

Robert James Ajal is the PM LCF. Photo by ChimpReport.

While on the TNDQuestions Tuesday morning, the Lango Cultural Foundation Prime Minister says Obada’s family forced him to resign.



Lira—5, October 2021: On Sunday 3, October 2021, Caesar Obada resigned as Lango Cultural Foundation [LCF] security and information minister. His resignation took immediate effect–according to him.

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Days after his resignation, TNDQuestions Tuesday questioned the LCF prime minister, James Robert Ajal if this development affects cultural business.

On receiving Caesar Obada’s letter,

Mr Ajal: Yes, I did receive it. Well, he is free to resign, and he has given reasons why he is resigning, but I think when I talked to him, his reasons are more private. There is a pressure from his family because he was taken to court and the family did not want him to suffer.

So, I don’t know whether that he is out of office the court will stop or not because he was taken to court as an individual, not as an institution.

On accepting his resignation,

Mr Ajal: So, for us we have accepted his resignation. We have also said he is free to show interest again if he so wishes, but what is important is that we have accepted his letter.

Any thoughts Obada might regret working with LCF? 

 Mr Ajal: He is a free person, he can decide to work with us or not with us, but it doesn’t remove that fact that he is a Lango and he will remain a Lango.

How is his resignation going to affect the institution in the shortest period?

Mr Ajal: I don’t see any serious effect. We have people who can do any job across board. His resignation is purely private; it is not that there was a problem with us. The family did not want him to continue because they thought in that way he would suffer some consequences.

They thought he was taken to court as a minister, but I think he was taken as an individual after publishing something which he shouldn’t have done.

It’s not going to affect us in any way. As a human being, he has been our minister.

Do you regret he is gone?

Mr Ajal: We regret losing him.

Who takes charge as your boss looks forward to appointing a new minister?

Mr Ajal: He was under the Prime Minister – under me, so in effect, I will be working, doing his job until we get in a new appointment to replace him.


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