‘We should effectively adopt massive vaccination’ – UPC tells Ugandans

Head of Media & Communications at UPC Muzeyi Faizo addressing media last week. Courtesy/File photo.

‘We should effectively adopt massive vaccination’ – UPC tells Ugandans


Kampala – 23, September 2021: President Museveni Yoweri addressed the nation Wednesday night and lifted some of the restrictions on key sectors: Churches have been allowed to reopen with only 200 flocks, with strict observance of the virus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Uganda, like other countries globally, has been hit with the pandemic and most businesses have been paused or stopped operations completely.

According to the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party, there is need to begin opening up activities in our society while focusing on massive vaccinations against Covid-19 pandemic as well as ensuring stricter adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

“A fully functioning society is the one that can support the economy and equally raise enough revenue or income to finance the general welfare of our citizenry,” UPC’s head of media and communications, Muzey Faizo, said Wednesday afternoon.

He adds that objective observance of our neighbors who have managed to reopen their schools and other institutions of higher learning should be looked at with the view of applying best practices without jeopardizing the successes achieved.

While Churches are told to resume, schools (lower and secondary) are not expected to reopen soon unless teachers and learners are vaccinated.

“As of today, at each level of education, there is a backlog of classes, which may need extra innovation to handle the situation,” Faizo tells journalists ahead of Museveni’s evening nation address.

He adds that some schools have already shifted from their primary objectives and turned into residential facilities; others have been transformed into poultry farms while others are under the threat of being sold off by the banks to recover the loans.

All these need government intervention so as to keep the education system moving forward.

“The pupils and students are not used to this situation of prolonged holidays at home. They are already feeling the pressure and some have been lured into negative social behaviors that may affect their studies if the safe reopening of schools is not achieved very soon.”

UPC has, he says, “On several occasions called for greater efforts in procuring Covid-19 vaccines for effective and efficient vaccination of our people across the country to minimize the risks of spreading the virus.”

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