Todwong tells govt to prioritise elimination of corruption next year

Todwong tells govt to prioritise elimination of corruption next year


Kampala – 10, September 2021: The budget conference for fiscal year 2022/23 has brought together responsible officers from different ministries, department and agencies (MDAs) of government, including private sector stakeholders.

According to Finance Minister Matia Kasajja, budget conference seeks to concertize the strategy and priorities required to meet development agenda, and to address current socioeconomic constraints.

One of the participants at the conference was the ruling party secretary general (SG), Richard Todwong.

The NRM SG spoke at the conference Thursday, delivering a call to government to eliminate corruption in the next budget.

“The minister of finance should take it seriously from us at the party that the issue of corruption and wastage of public resources by public officials should be dealt with decisively in the 2021/22 budget,” he said.

According to Todwong, as NRM party, “We are not comfortable with the way public officers and accounting officials are using resources.”

He wants corrupt officers punished.

Uganda losses billions of shillings to corruption, and it’s sinking the economy and it’s characterized by grand-scale theft of public funds.

According to Wikipedia, elite corruption in Uganda is through a patronage system which has been exacerbated by foreign aid.

During swearing in ceremony for his 6th term and after, President Museveni Yoweri talked about ending corruption in this term, describing the ongoing political term ‘Kisanja Hakuna Muchezo’.

The President tells Ugandans that his focus is socio economic transformation of the country.

Transparency International, the global coalition against corruption report, it ranked Uganda at 142/180 in Sub-saharan Africa in 2020. In 2019, the country was ranked number 137.

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