Greater North: Cultural leaders to come together as ‘one greater north people’

Religious & Cultural Leaders from West Nile, Karamojong, Teso, Lango and Acholi Attending Training At Kakanyero Hotel in Gulu City Organised by Uganda National Commission for UNESCO

Greater North: Cultural leaders to come together as ‘one greater north people’


 Gulu—10, September 2021: Cultural and religious leaders have committed themselves to come together to form ‘a one greater north’ in order to build a long sustainable peace for all people in the region.

During a training organized by the Uganda National Commission for UNESCO, the chairperson Acholi Religious Peace Initiative, Retired Rev. Nelson Onono Onweng, cautioned religious and cultural leaders in the greater North. He asked them to preach peace and make a united greater North with no tribalism and division.

Ulama Dison Duke Ukerson confirmed to TND News on Friday. The chief of Pageno clan in the Alur Kingdom disclosed it is very necessary for both the religious and cultural leaders to unite in order to have a sustainable peace within the greater north in the districts of Gulu, Lira, Apac and districts of Karamojong sub-region to join hands.

“As Alur and the West Nile sub-region, we cannot and will never develop alone unless we come together,” added Chief Ulama.

On the same note, Joe Erik Olang, the second deputy Prime Minister Lango Cultural Foundation, noted that it is the responsibilities and obligations of cultural and religious leaders to join hands so as unity prevails in the greater North.

Erik cautioned politicians on dividing people on the grounds of political affiliations but to commit themselves to uniting the people.

“Am very disappointed with the West Nile Members of Parliament and the Acholi Parliamentary group for causing enmity between the Madi and Acholi of Apaa in Amuru district,” added Erik Olang.

Simon Peter Nangiro, the Chairperson Karamojong Elder Association, noted that the cultural divisions between the districts of the greater North have contributed to the land border conflicts.

He added that cultural and religious leaders must advocate for a sustainable peace amongst its subjects to fight against conflicts and bring a long-lasting unity.

Rosie Agoi, the Secretary General Uganda National Commission for UNESCO has called upon partners involved in peace building to partner with Uganda National Commission for UNESCO and the government of Uganda in the implementation and promoting of sustainable peaceful, coexistence among the post—war communities in Northern Uganda.

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