Teso: TERELEPAR resolves 1,000 cases by mediation


Teso: TERELEPAR resolves 1,000 cases by mediation

By Robert Edwomu


Soroti – 9 September, 2021: Teso Religious Leaders Effort for Peace and Reconciliation (TERELEPAR) an inter-religious organization addressing issues of peace, reconciliation and development in Eastern Uganda has settled over 1 000 cases using mediation mechanisms.

John Ojao is the executive director TERELEPAR. He states that cases they have handled is for the year 2020 from Amuria, Ngora, Bukedea and other districts.

He says 200 cases are land related and 800 domestic violence conflicts and all were resolved by their community trained paralegals in various districts.

Ojao further revealed that the organization has so for trained a bare minimum of 20 selected community members as court annexures mediators (Paralegals), but that other districts have 40 and 60 with the aim of promoting peace and reconciliation in the society.

“We are waiting for more funding and once it is realized, the same services will extend to Pallisa and Tororo districts,” he tells TND News.

Sam Ogwang, the legal officer with TERELEPAR states that on a monthly basis, they receive over 20 cases with land related dominating.

“Ignorance among different stakeholders is one of the challenges hindering the progress of mediation down in the communities,” he adds.

“We struggle to make people understand that arbitration is provided by in the law but some people don’t consent,” he said of the challenge.

He further disclosed that some practicing lawyers also don’t support mediation because they believed cases that they would survive from are resolved leaving them on low survival rate.

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