Soroti LCs gives district ultimatum to sort out Achuna HCIII saga

Some of the angry LC1s at the district. Photo by Robert Edwomu

Soroti LCs gives district ultimatum to sort out Achuna HCIII saga


By Robert Edwomu

Soroti—9, September 2021: A section of Local Council One Chairpersons (LC1s) in Achuna parish, Tubur Sub-county in Soroti district have given the district an ultimatum of one week to sort out the saga on the relocation of Achuna Health Center III to Alongo before they return the official stamps.

The furious LCs while at the district offices claim that the community is mounting pressure and threatening to lynch them if they continue carrying stamps when things are in disorder.

Peter Echuru is the chairperson of LC1 Achuna village. He says people are tough down in the village and have tasked him to return the stamp to the district authorities.

Willy Oriokot is the LCII Achuna parish. “The people are ready to have peaceful demonstrations to the district offices if they do not address immediately the matter,” he said.

Julius Ediangu, the chairperson LC1 Ogurio village, also says they can’t put themselves at risk and they are ready to return the stamps after one week.

Samuel Esangu, the chairperson LC1 Akure B village, says the community is mobilizing to attack the LCs of Achuna, claiming that they failed to play their roles.

Last week, Tubur Sub-county council relocated the health unit from Achuna Sub-county to Alongo parish, a move that angered the locals, prompting them to petition the council’s decision.

They say the decision was, and is contrary to, the “district approved plan”.

Patrick Okumu, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) says part of the reasons the council wants the health centre moved is that the site is at the extreme borders of Soroti and Amuria district.

“It will benefit Amuria people more than Soroti,” says RDC.

He notes that the justification is baseless because the total population of Achuna Parish is at 7,150, which qualifies them to have a health center III as per the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Okumu insists that the Achuna health centre will not be moved because Alongo, where they want to move it to has an existing and operational health center III.

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