Four detained over fake national IDs at UPDF 4 Div. Barracks

Recruits from Omoro and Gulu at the Starting point for physical test

Four detained over fake national IDs at UPDF 4 Div. Barracks


Gulu—7, September 2021: Four applicants were detained at the UPDF 4th Division barracks on Tuesday over fake and forged national identity cards during the ongoing recruitment exercise for the local defense unit (LDU).

Lieutenant Hassan Kato, the UPDF 4 Division spokesperson, told TND News that the recruitment team has detained three boys and one girl whose national identity cards were rejected by the verification machine.

Kato further says these four persons will be handed over to the police once their national identity cards have been proven to be fake and forged.

 Stephen Odong Latek, the Gulu Resident District Commissioner, confirmed the development. “These individuals who were found with the fake national identity cards will be handed over to the police with immediate effect when the team gets the proof.”

Latek noted that there is a team which is verifying national identity cards and once the team finds out that one has a fake national identity card, the person will be given over to the police for more investigations.

“We shortlisted 107 applicants for Gulu district and Gulu city but they need only 78 candidates to join the Local defense unit, and in Omoro district, 47 applicants were shortlisted but we require only 42 from the district,” Latek tells TND News.

“We expect shortlisted applicants from Amuru district and Nwoya district on Wednesday for the same ongoing recruitment exercise at the UPDF 4 Division barrack in Gulu city,” added Hassan Kato.

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