Lira: 37-yo man arrested for conning gasoline worth shs7.6m

Lira: 37-year-old man arrested for conning gasoline worth shs7.6m

By Felix Omara


Lira—6, September 2021: Lira city internal security office in connection with other security agencies has arrested a 37-year-old man on allegation of conning of 1800 liters of petrol.

The petrol he allegedly conned from shell annex fuel station Lira is worth over shs7.6 million

Vincent Okello, according to security, on Tuesday 31 Aug 2021, instructed the pump attendant to give him fuel and that money would be paid using UBL card.

But after his containers got filled, he told the pump attendant that he should be allowed to take the first batch of fuel to his boss as he comes for more.

He left the fuel station attendant with a “fake card”—security has noticed.

The story further states that Okello was in the deal with the man identified as Kennedy Acika, whose whereabout is yet to be known.

When asked, Okello declined to the allegation, saying he was only hired by Kennedy Acika to help transport the fuel.

Brenda Aceng, the pump attendant, said Okello was not telling the truth because he was the one who instructed her to fill the containers, and he was the one to pay.

This fuel was later discovered to have been sold to a Lira city business tycoon only identified a one Atomi.

Atomi accepted that the fuel was sold to him, adding that he often buys even from some government officials.

The security, however, warns the business community to be aware of these people who are targeting even the produce dealers.

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