Meet Soroti’s mother of 8, who has never attended antenatal

Jessica Apio and her children. Photo by Edwomu Robert.

Meet Soroti’s mother of 8, who has never attended antenatal


By Robert Edwomu

 Antenatal is a medical care of women when they are expecting a baby. Medical experts always advise that pregnant mothers should often visit health facilities near them for the service.

 Soroti—27, August 2021: It is shocking and unbelievable that even in the current 21st century there are situations where some people live happily with certain health circumstances that risks life.

Worrying states of health services in the rural areas have left some citizens living a life of regret; some dying in silence at the watch of their leaders.

In Soroti, Apio, 37, is a resident of Achuna village, Achuna Sub County. She is a mother of eight (8) children. She shared her life story that will ‘shock’ many.

The gorgeous mother narrates that from the beginning when she gave birth to her firstborn, who is about 20 years now, she has never gone for antenatal care for all her eight children.

Apio reveals she has also never delivered at any health facility ever since her first birth. She reveals she has been delivering at home with the help of her late mother, who acted as a local birth attendant to her.

She further discloses that none of her children has ever gotten an injection or a drop of vaccine. “They look healthy,” according to the mother.

But how safe are these children from non-communicable disease; measles, polio and tetanus, among other infectious diseases?

Apio defended her reasons why it happened the way it is.

She points out that lack of nearby health facilities is the biggest challenge that leaves residents trekking for kilometers seeking for what she calls “moderate health services”.

“The nearest health facility is Orungo Health Center III in Amuria district, which is about 5 to 7 kilometers,” she says.

The mother of good looking children also reveals that all her eight children are from different fathers who have disowned them, leaving her struggling to feed and raise them.

“All the fathers of my children challenged my pregnancies, and they shied to accompany me to the health unit for antenatal though its long distance.”

Apio now asks for help from well-wishers to support her in the education of the children, among other basic needs.

To escape such production, Apio has got a ten-year family planning method from Marie Stopes since all men that fathered her children have fled, leaving her struggling with kids alone.

She also reveals that her first born of 20 years has also fallen into the same mix and currently bearing two children (bastards) which she attributes to poor upbringing and parental guidance.

Jessica Apio and her children by their living house. Photo by Edwomu Robert.

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