Nile Dialogue Platform pledges partnership with U.S based Peace Camp Int. to spread peace

L-R: Rev Nelly Nelsons Otto,Gretchen Rowe,Bernard Omuse and Muhsin Nuwagaba Kaduyu

Nile Dialogue Platform pledges partnership with U.S based Peace Camp Int. to spread peace

Tororo22, August 2021: Nile Dialogue Platform (NDP), an indigenous charity NGO has pledged to support and collaboration with Peace Camp International based in the United States of America (USA). The partnership is to promote peace and unity among peoples of the global community.

Muhsin Nuwagaba Kaduyu, a peace promoter and coordinator at NDP, assured the Seattle based American initiative headed by Gretchen Rowe of support towards the activities and programmes aimed at promoting peaceful co-existence beyond any sectarian barriers.

“… ours (NDP) is not a religious, tribal or political organization but our focus is to facilitate dialogue, especially interfaith, to enhance harmony to handle numerous social issues affecting communities…” Kaduyu said.

This was during a one- week interactive peace camp that brought together children and youth whose ages ranged from as low as four to 21 years that ended at the Eastern’s Tororo Municipality.

Rowe welcomed the gesture, which she says will go a long way into giving opportunities to more young people in Uganda to be exposed to the skills and knowledge of peaceful co-existence at an early stage in life.

“… I am extremely happy to receive a new partner from Uganda to join hands in this noble cause of inculcating good and positive peaceful principles in the littluns…” she said.

Speakers, facilitators and parents during the peace camp held at the Great Aubrey School, a few kilometers outside Tororo Municipality, were excited at the creativity and love the children displayed during the week.

The peace camp was jointly organized by Peace Camp International, which is an all-age, non-denominational and community day camp experience for children and youth.

According to Gretchen Rowe, the founder and co-director, Peace Camp International works in humanitarian partnership with Interfaith Community Sanctuary, Maher Ashram in India and Uganda Martyrs Orphans Project in Uganda.

“… we are committed to building strong and positive relationships between art, recreation, sport, games, field trips, drama, story -telling, music and talent shows as well as gratitude and sharing circles…” Rowe who teaches at the Washington based Seattle Public School district quips.

The Assistant Director, Barnard Omuse, is also the director of Ma’s Jr School in Tororo in Uganda and the co-director of Uganda Peace Camp International.

Omuse, who is also a teacher by training, told reporters this year’s event was the fourth camp which started four years ago with a handful of children whose numbers have increased over the years.

Omuse, who heads the local chapter, notes that many children have benefitted from the peace camps that have been running since 2017 and hope that they will roll the programme out in many parts of Uganda.

Fr. Centurion Olaboro, who heads the Justice and Peace in the Archdiocese of Tororo, urges parents to instill the spirit of inner peace in the children so that they do not succumb to stress and depression.

“… spouses should leave in love and peace which will then be replicated into the lives of the children and family members and eventually the communities will be saturated with the same…” Olaboro emphasized.

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