Lira city journalist beaten during curfew, LUJA condemns “continous attack”

Lira city journalist beaten during curfew, LUJA condemns “continous attack”

Lira – 19 August 2021: Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) officer on duty Wednesday late evening beat up a Radio Wa journalist based in Lira city.

Bob Oyuku Ojok told his colleagues after the incident: “A very nasty incident happened on me in between Voice of Lango and Reproductive Health, just 10 mins ago.”

“I was coming from Radio Wa on a boda, and found Police and UPDF around that area, instead of stoping us, the man on UPDF uniform beat me on the left rib with a dry timber,” Oyuku adds.

“…much as I sustained some bruise, I won’t move any further with the case but am annoyed.”

According to Oyuku, he asked them “why they chose to beat him instead of stopping him as usual”.

On Thursday, Lango United Journalists Association (LUJA) issued a brief statement.

Hudson Apunyu is the LUJA secretary general.

“I strongly condemn the continuous attack of journalists in the strongest term and call on the police leadership in Lango to intervene,” he said.

“We don’t want this to be seen as a systematic attack on journalists.
As Lango United Journalists Association, we are concerned,” he added.

Law enforcement officers are yet to issue a statement.

Since last year, Uganda is placed under curfew, a decision experts say can help stop the spread of Covid-19. Only essential workers are allowed past curfew time.

During his national address last year and in 2021, President Museveni placed media (journalists) among essential workers and service providers, respectively.


Some security personnel have in recent years inflicted injuries on journalists, raising questions and concerns. The former is yet to be answered by the perpetrators to satisfaction.

In 2020 and early 2021 when Uganda was preparing to hold national elections, more than 20 journalists were beaten or their gadgets were confiscated by security officers. Others were badly injured.

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