Kemira invests in SimAnalytics and advanced production process intelligence

Kemira Headquarters in Findland. Courtesy/File photo.

Kemira invests in SimAnalytics and advanced production process intelligence

Finland, 19 August 2021: Kemira, a global chemicals company, invests in a minority share of SimAnalytics, a Finnish start-up known for its advanced process harmony prediction and analysis tool.

The partnership strengthens Kemira’s ability to support customers’ business with data-driven predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. The two companies have worked together on customer projects involving pulp and paper production processes, which are typically complex and where disruptions are costly.

”There is a lot of know-how on machinery, process chemistry and data science within the paper industry, but typically these factors have been monitored and optimized in silos. Together, we bundle all this expertise and take a comprehensive approach to the entire production process,” says Markus Jääskeläinen, co-founder of SimAnalytics.

“SimAnalytics’ Factory Harmonizer tool has proven its capacity to help process operators run their production more efficiently and with less disruptions. Chemistry plays a crucial role in the production health and performance of paper machines and Kemira has been investing in advanced analysis in this field…”

“Joining forces makes perfect sense and will benefit our customers in the industry with transparency, predictability and higher machine efficiency. It is also an investment into both companies’ future growth. Going forward, we may expand this collaboration also to other water-intensive industries we serve,” states Antti Pirneskoski, Director of Application Development at Kemira.

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