Investigate and disarm “Afghan” refugees coming to Uganda – UPC

Muzeyi Fazio, UPC's head of media and communications addressing media on Wednesday. Courtesy photo.

Kampala – 18, August 2021: Uganda government has once again shown her generosity and care towards hosting refugees from Afghanistan following the fall of Kabul to Taliban, few days ago.

Currently, Uganda is a home to over 1.4 million refugees from DRC, Somalia, South Sudan, among other unsafe countries on the African continent.

Now, there is another group coming from outside Africa.

“According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda will receive over 2000 refugees from Afghanistan following the political unrest in their home country,” UPC says, Wednesday.

“As an obligation to the membership of the international laws and humanitarian laws, Uganda agreed to host these refugees in the coming days. As a country, we need to understand our capacity to host refugees,” Muzey Faizo, UPC head of media and communications, adds.

“Currently, Uganda is receiving refugees from Congo, Somalia and South Sudan as well as some of our very own internally displaced persons and now we are to receive those from Afghanistan.”

UPC urges that, much as it is a humanitarian act of hosting these refugees and providing a haven for them, the host communities must equally benefit from the services offered to these refugees.

In most cases, according to UPC head of media, the host communities are ignored, and yet they have needs like medical care, which are readily available to the refugees.

According to Uganda government, Joe Biden administration will cater for the Afghanistan refugees’ welfare.

On security threats, UPC urges government to “properly investigate” and “disarm” the refugees coming into Uganda to prevent Uganda from becoming a hub for terrorist.

“The Parliament of Uganda should be consulted on this decision since the refugee camps are in areas represented by Members of Parliament.”

UPC wants the Office of the Prime Minister and the department of refugees to analyse the security aspects of hosting these refugees.

“This is not only related to unrest but also the spread of diseases like Covid -19, which can easily compromise our systems put in place since these refugees will interact with people in the host communities. Let us put the safety of Ugandans first.”

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