Unconditionally, release teachers’ sh20b stimulus package now – govt told

Arach Oyat Sharon - UPC spokesperson. Courtesy/File photo.

Kampala – 4, August 2021: Government has been asked to honor a promise it made to teachers last year. The promise was made by president Museveni during one of his national addresses.

With no hope that teachers will get the financial support anytime soon, UPC party has come out to remind the government.

Addressing the media in Kampala Wednesday, the party spokesperson, Arach Oyat Sharon says it is almost two years down the road when schools have been closed due to the continued spread of coronavirus.

“In our press statement of 28th July 2021, UPC called upon government to consider relaxing the lockdown restrictions and enable people to go work for their families as well as saving the suffering economy, under strict SOPs. UPC would like to appreciate the government for the ease of the lockdown to allow many Ugandans to get their lives back on truck,” she says.

As the President eased lockdown, she adds that many businesses and organizations are going through difficult economic strains as cited in our previous statements. “It is high time government took up its mandate in elevating her people out of poverty through fulfilling the various pledges made during, before and after the two lockdowns.”

“For instance, private teachers were promised 20 billion last year, but since then they have never received that package, the business community is also crippling, the arcades are closed and the state is asking for requirements that are not even related to the outlined measures. Such conditions should be lifted and allow business to resume!”

“UPC therefore calls upon government to immediately release the teacher’s stimulus package of the 20 billion unconditionally and also to come to a mutual understanding with the landlords so as to help bridge the overwhelming debt gap the business fraternity is facing…”

Through waving some of the taxes on imports, rent arrears as well as those in the rural areas facing challenges of climate change that has left their crops destroyed, she says, adding that the government should also engage the banks to soften the loan recovery plans

On education, UPC says she is concerned about the “future of our children!” “There is no proper communication from the ministry regarding the commencement of these classes as well as the continuing students.”

“UPC urges the Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Ministry of Education to come up with a road map on how the education system is going to be revived since its closure.

“UPC rather recommends that the Ministry of Health and education work hand in hand to vaccinate all teachers and carryout mass testing of all school going children to allow the reopening of schools under strict measures as we await the arrival of vaccines for mass vaccination.”

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