UNAA’s 33rd Convention and Delta variant: Inside Natoolo’s petition to BoT

UNAA BOT Chairperson Mr John Agaba is under pressure to leave after his term expired last year. Courtesy/File photo.

Kampala – 1 August 2021: Uganda North America Association (UNAA) is holding its 33rd Convention in September this year.

However, the event that attracts huge numbers of travellers from Uganda, sources say should be postponed because of deadly Delta variant and the surge in Covid-19 cases both in Uganda and around the world.

Besides the pandemic, UNAA herself is battling with internal fights and accountability saga. This, among many, is already affecting some councillors who have severally questioned the association’s independence and leadership style.

With preparation for the September event ongoing, UNAA Vice President and Presidential candidate, Natoolo Lydia has petitioned UNAA Board of Trustees (BoT) to consider several vital issues going forward.

“I am writing this petition to the UNAA BoT, but I have also included other UNAA organs. Due to the rise of the new Delta variant Covid-19, it is upon us leaders to provide ways to protect our membership from falling victims of this deadly virus,” she says.

She added: “We know that there are ways we can provide other channels for our members to be inclusive both with a virtual Convention and also on-line voting.”

“It has come to our notice the concerns of our membership as to why we cannot provide the inclusivity of those members who cannot travel and also do not want to risk their lives in contracting the virus. Hope as a leadership, we can find resolve for this matter as soon as possible.”

Read full petition below:

“My addition here is that UNAA cannot afford to have a convention of any kind we are simply forcing things,” James William Mugeni, Councillor for Central Plains told TND News Saturday.

He added: “If we are a reputable organization, then we cannot be blind to what is taking place in the world.”

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