OPINION: We have to adopt home schooling now

Isaah Otto Amiza - former Oyam South MP. File photo

By Ishaa Otto Amiza

Oyam – 1, August 2021: Due to the adverse effect of lockdown arising from coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the education, government should develop and adopt a policy to promote home schooling.

This mode will save the young children from wastage of time and opportunities.

Home schooling can be adopted and practiced at homes of the neighboring families. Home schooling is a very effective way of education which requires little of movement and over concentration of pupils and students in one location.

Once this policy is formulated for home, parents, local leaders and teachers should be oriented to set up education units in their respective villages/communities.

Both government and parents should share the costs of paying the teachers and providing the necessary scholastic materials needed to aid their education.

The public should prepare for the worse even after the end of COVID-19, the traditional education which is conducted in schools shall not meet the heavy demand of education among the society.

Government should develop syllabuses to be used for home schooling outside the established government schools and prepare examining bodies, like UNEB, BTVET, etc to set standards and regulations; the standards for students and pupils who qualifies to sit for final examinations at primary, secondary and other technical and vocational schools.

Home schooling is an alternative educational means, which can help in educating majority of the population without crowding the limited government schools and to avoid over exploitation by private schools.

We have developed a concept which we shall share with the Ministry of Education and Sports for their consideration.

The writer is the former Oyam South MP, UPC SG/ Founder Leader- PIM.

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