Again! 25 year old man murdered in Lira

Lira – 29, July 2021: On 26 July 2021, Oyam registered another murder case in less than 10 days.

The vice is now rampant across Lango subregion and leaders are told to raise their socks and stop it.

Few hours after the Pukica murder in Oyam, Police has announced another murder by mob in Lira district.

According to the North Kyoga Region Police spokesperson, ASP Jimmy Patrick Okema, the case was reported as assault by mob vide SD ref: 09/27/7/2021 of Amach Police.

He identified the reporter as Ojok Richard, 29, a Lango by tribe; a peasant farmer and a resident of Alworo Agoro cell in Lira district.

The incident occurred on 27, July 2021 at around 1835/C, Alworo Agoro cell, Amach Town Council.

The deceased is Oyuku Jimmy, 25; a peasant and a resident of above area. 

Police facts

Okema says it is alleged that on the 27, July 2021 at around noon at Alworo Agoro cell, one Epila Dillys, peasant former and wife to the deceased reported a case of theft of her bicycle by the deceased to the area LC1.

The deceased was summoned by LC1 of the same cell and he responded to the summon.

While at the LC1 court, a group of people started assaulting the deceased badly and he became unconscious, he was rushed to a new by Drug shop called Praise Pharma Care at around 1808/c and later passed on at around 1835/C.

Police action
• Case file open to investigate the allegation vide CRB 62/2021
• Body picked and taken to Lira regional referral hospital mortuary pending postmortem.
• One suspect Epila Dilly’s arrested to help in investigations.
• All others including the LCI are at large
• Inquiries at hand.

“We once again want to condemn act of pre-mature judgement by locals and also discourage LCIs from handling criminal cases. LCs forward such reported cases to Police for investigations such that the suspects face justice system as per the law of this country,” Okema added.


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