UPC to NRM: Release stimulus package you promised and ease Covid restrictions

MP Jimmy J. Akena. His UPC has severally advised NRM. File photo.

Kampala – 28, July 2021: State House says President Museveni Yoweri Kaguta will address the nation on July 31 2021 in which he will talk specifically about Covid-19 in the country, and later make a pronouncement on the ongoing restrictions.

Weeks ago, Museveni, following the scientific counsels from his scientists slapped Ugandans with a 42-day lockdown: banning public transport, closing learning institutions, among others.

Now, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), one of the leading opposition political parties currently working with the ruling government has advised President Museveni who is also the national leader of NRM party to ease the restrictions.

In its press statement to TND News on Wednesday, UPC’s party spokesperson, Arach Oyat Sharon congratulated Ugandans “who are suffering and hardly finding what to eat at home”.

“As the country awaits President Y. K. Museveni’s address this Saturday which concludes the 42 days lockdown, Uganda Peoples Congress has been keenly following with concern the health, economic, and welfare situation of our people in this country throughout the lockdown period. This has informed the party to urge the government to ease the lockdown that was put in place to reduce on the spread of Coronavirus,” she added.

“UPC would like to congratulate Ugandans who are suffering and hardly finding what to eat at home, who have lost their jobs and businesses collapsed as well as those who have got their products and goods damaged in shops, for being so patient and having followed the Covid-19 lockdown measures throughout!”

According to her, “for they (Ugandans) have played their part and they were/are banking on the government to play her strategic role of mass vaccination among others as we pointed out in our previous statement, while bearing in mind the kind of economic hardships people are going through!”

The Jimmy Akena led UPC also says there has been “no effective strategic backup plan to help all families that were affected and suffering from their homes since the first lockdown”.

“According to media reports, experts from the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), economists, and the business community have warned the government that if the lockdown is extended, three (3) million Ugandans are most likely to lose their jobs and it will automatically reduce the revenue collection as well as affecting the country’s national GDP! It is on record Uganda has been and is facing a challenge of unemployment and losing such a number of the available jobs is a very big risk in the already suffering economy that should be avoided strategically!”

“It is on that backdrop that Uganda People’s Congress calls upon the government and Covid-19 National Task Force to consider relaxing the lockdown restrictions and enable people to go work for their families under strict SOPs in order to avoid hunger casualties. The Ministry of Health should also redouble its efforts in the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines.”

UPC says we need to carry out mass vaccination so that “we can fully lift the lockdown and rescue both our people and the economy”. “It is high time the government released the stimulus package she announced earlier on to the people to bring their business back to life and it should be distributed fairly.”

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