Ugandan signs MoU with American company on energy promotion

Chattanooga, TN/US-02.24.2019:

KGS Engineering in the USA has agreed to provide technical support for the joint development of the first prototype of the project.

Jinja – 26, July 2021: A new technology known as US Disruptor Waterpower Technology invented by a US expert is due to be rolled out into developing countries. Uganda is a primary beneficiary and other African countries where energy is one of the most expensive ventures in the world.

According to the innovator Ron Eiseltein who lives in Youngstown, Ohio in the United States of America, the technology that once deployed has the possibility to radically change energy conversion and supply around the world.

This technology is called “Eisenstein Technology”. The technology patent is already registered in USA and the patent is also in the process of registration in Nepal, India.

To enhance partnership and technology transfer, US Disruptor Water Technology has penned a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an indigenous company called Global Renewable Energy and Engineering Network Ltd founded by a Ugandan based renowned entrepreneur, Ejedio Okello.

Okello signed on behalf of his company while Eiseltein represented the US technology firm which is being rolled out in developing nations like Nepal, Columbia, Philippines and Sub-Saharan countries.

In the MoU, the two companies will collaborate and develop the appropriate technology to mitigate energy related challenges among the low-income citizenry in Africa where only a small percentage are connected to the national grids.

Eiseltein says for over 100 years the wealthy nations and their heavy industries have been developing RE plants with hydro turbines and massive earthworks turning on the lights throughout the world.

“…today we are again at a crossroads to continue to keep the lights on across our planet; it is the quest to once again use the turbine as a civilizations energy converter, converting the energy of Air/wind, rivers, tides and oceans,” he notes.

With this latest innovation which is already spreading like wildfire, the 55-year-old scientist says the USA has once again shown it’s the leader of technological breakthroughs.

“…  the nation which turned on the light for the world has another energy converter that replaces the ancient simple machine the Waterwheel (turbine) with the other ancient simple machine the lever,” Eiseltein observes.

According to the recent US patent, the Lever as an energy converter has many applications such as a tidal energy converter and a hydro energy converter.

 Success story/how the technology works

Information available indicates that the lever in the recent analytical feasibility studies comparison in Nepal and the Philippines replacing the turbine in run of river hydro, doubles the output, eliminates the dams, head-race, spillway, and turbine and is variable speed to the grid!

Variable speed in hydro-power is not available.  Science shows us that the waterwheel (turbine) is oscillatory and is not the best for energy conversion.  The Lever on the other hand is constant torque and is best for energy conversion and can be used for a variable speed output.

“…the question we now have in developing nations, is why the industrialized countries are continuing to push the obsolete turbine as energy converters for developing nations, windmills on land, now monster windmills in our oceans…’, he says in a rhetoric tone.

Turbines for great earthwork dams and now more turbines for smaller waterways industrialized nations insist that the turbine again is the only option we have.

Okello says there is new technology of electricity generation from flowing water without using the traditional turbines. The traditional turbines are replaced by the simple ‘lever’. It uses the weight of water rather than the flowing force of the water like a turbine, that’s why it is more efficient than turbines.

This technology has a great potential of changing the fate of the hydro-power energy of the world using just simple lever technology which existed in the world for more than 500 years.

KGS Engineering in the USA has agreed to provide technical support for the joint development of the first prototype of the project.

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