Luzindana: Some NRM Ministers, MPs and Secretariat staff are too arrogant

Luzindana and Museveni years ago. Courtesy/File photo.

“Way forward for NRM”: By Buyinza Adam Luzindana

Kayunga – 24 July 2021: Intrigue in NRM must Stop. NRM must focus now on cadreship identification, training and empowerement.

We must focus more on better service delivery. We must build a capable social media team to disseminate information with facts otherwise National Unity Platform (NUP) is far ahead of us.

NRM must begin to support its committed cadres otherwise we are doomed. Majority of NRM mobilisers are poor, beggers and depressed but masquarade to be rich and claim that they receive calls from Museveni. I pitty these fellows. Why masquarade really when u can’t afford a decent life?

The Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) must be more proactive and engage grassroot opinion leaders. OWC is a success but it should reduce on militarizing the operation. While OWC as excelled at its strategic and top leadership levels, it has to some extent failed at operation level.

The NRM Secretariat must be empowered to begin strategic engagement of its structures, aware that most NRM people are bitter but they pretend to be happy on social media; when I meet them one on one, they castigate Museveni.

Ministers and NRM MPs must stop arrogance and pride. Most ministers masquarade to be more powerful than Gen. Salim Saleh and Museveni himself. They avoid NRM cadres at the grassroot. I wonder why Salim Saleh, some members of the First Family are humble while mere NRM MPs and ministers are extremely arrogant, brutal and ruthless. A mere staff at NRM Secretariat can behave as if he or she is a member of the UPDF/NRA High Command.

State House Youth Desk and other offices must be reorganized and some officials fired or replaced. Some are acting like Kings and Queens in those offices.

President Museveni must begin to act on his pledges otherwise he might be a fugitive in his own country; he will stop hiding from people, he has made so many promises to so many people and they are all looking for him.

These people are all bitter and we don’t know what they are planning.

The Office of the NRM Chairman (ONC) in Kyambogo must be empowered to embark on strategic communication and engagement of its structures.

The ONC played a key role in vote protection and village based mobilisation and I applaud them but it might loose all its structures if we wait for 2025 to begin the activities.

For God and my Country

The writer is a subsistence farmer in Butakoola village, Kayunga District.

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