Gulu: Police warns roadside vendors trading past curfew time

Market vendors at Cereleno

By Okello Jesus Ojara 

Gulu – 24, July 2021: Police in Gulu City have sounded a strong warning to roadside vendors along Gulu—Kampala highway and along the ring road at Cereleno market in Bardege—Layibi division to respect curfew time.

Inspector of Police Ogwang Moses is the Community Liaison Officer Gulu. He sounded the warning on Thursday that traders should stop the habit of selling at the roadside and with immediate effect.

Ogwang cautioned the vendors that selling by the roadside indicates that the people are not caring, and not mindful of the Presidential directives.

He added by are still trading past curfew time.

“This will negatively impact on the other population which may see the country going back into another lockdown and it implies that the vendors are not witnessing the death that is being caused by Covid 19,” he says.

“These vendors are being monitored right from the Police headquarters since there are CCTV cameras all over the city,” he told TND News.

He urged the vendors not to wait for Police to come and disperse them but rather take the initiative themselves to protect their lives and their beloved ones from Covid-19.

“These cameras are be monitored right from Kampala and all this evidence will be used to extend the lockdown and the Police will take another action on them immediately,” he further added.

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