UPC: Govt shouldn’t assume rural learners enjoy online lessons

UPC Spokesperson Arach Oyat Sharon addressing media recently. File photo.

Kampala – 21, July 2021: Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party has congratulated all pupils who participated in the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) whose results were released last week.

In a press statement to TND News Wednesday, UPC urged parents to be supportive, among other responsibilities.

“We urge parents to be supportive to these pupils and help them engage in other skillful activities as they await to join secondary education.”

“The question of education has become loud that the Ministry of Education is not giving solutions to the uprising questions of the mode of education in this lockdown,” Sharon Arach Oyat, party’s spokesperson, says.

She adds that “much as the online lessons have worked for those in the urban centers, we need to think outside the box and stop assuming that those in the rural setting can use the same methods”.

“People in the extremely rural areas can hardly afford shoes for their children, unable to afford radios, smart phones or even a television set!”

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UPC urges the Ministry of Education to work with the LCs and the District Education Officers (DEO) to consult the people in the rural areas on: “what methods will work for them during the lockdown rather than assuming they can afford certain learning items.”

They also urged government to address the issue of “performance disparities between the urban and rural schools” as well as that of “private and public institutions”.

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