Why Eid-al Adha to Muslims and other believers

By Okello Jesus Ojara

 Gulu City – 20, July 2021: The Muslim communities of Gulu city have been advised to observe and protect themselves during the celebration of the day of sacrifice or Eid al Adha.

The day is commemorated to remind the Muslims about the day Allah tempted Ibrahim to sacrifice his only son Ismail.

It is said that Ibrahim experienced a dream one night, in which Allah told him to sacrifice Ismail, his beloved son and at first he believed this was the devil playing tricks on him and he immediately disregarded it.

However, the following night the same dream occurred again commanding him to do the same and then came to realize that this was no fluke and was in fact a message from Allah.

However, later Ibrahim loved his son, Ismail yet he was fully prepared to follow Allah’s command and do as he was instructed.

He took his son to the top of Mount Arafat and brought with him a knife and rope, upon reaching an appropriate place, he told his son about his dream and what Allah had commanded him to do, and being an obedient son, Prophet Ismail immediately obliged to the wishes of Allah and his father.


He asked that his hands and legs be tied so that he may not struggle and that his father blindfolds himself so that he does not have to witness him suffer.

Ibrahim did as Ismail had said and blindfolded with the knife in his hands, he did as Allah had asked of him and when he took the blindfold off, to his surprise he saw the body of a dead ram in front of him and Ismail was completely unharmed standing right next to him.

Badru Faus from the Jamia Mosque in Gulu City urges fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to embrace the presidential directives and the standard operating procedures so as to mitigate the spread of Covid 19.

Eid – Adha is celebrated on the 10th December on the Islamic calendar every year and the dates vary on the normal year calendar.

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