We cannot treat encroachers – says UWA


Amuru – 20, July 2021: The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has said they cannot and it is against their law and regulations to treat encroachers who invade wildlife conservation areas.

This follows an outcry and report sent to the Uganda Wildlife Authority about the destruction being caused by the three marauding elephants.

The report indicates that one Mr. Denish Odora, a resident of Lajalula parish, and one Brian also a resident of the same parish got serious injuries while running away from the stray elephants from the Madi-East game reserve.

Godfrey Abola, the Councilor III Lajalula parish confirmed that the said elephants chased these people and in the end, they sustained serious injuries while running for their lives.

Abola disclosed that these people were in their gardens, a long distance of about 3000 meters away from the game reserve.

Osborn Geoffrey Oceng, the Amuru Resident District Commissioner confirmed that his office got the information about the stray elephants, and added they have made communication to the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

He added that Uganda Wildlife Authority responded to their submission that these elephants are going back to their habitat.

“Human life is more important than the said issue of the game reserve and these marauding elephants must be driven back to the park,” said RDC.

He, therefore, assured the people of Lajalula parish and Lakang Sub County that these stray elephants will be driven back into the Murchison Falls National Game Reserve or the East – Madi Wildlife reserve very soon.

 The Community Conservation Officer for the Murchison Falls Conservation area, Mr. Wilson Kagoro disclosed to Speak FM in Gulu City that it is “against the law of the authority to treat persons who got injured due to their encroachment into the East – Madi Wildlife Reservation area in Amuru district”.

Mr. Kagoro added that the authority received the report of the encounter that the said two victims had with the marauding elephants but it was clear that these were encroachers and the authority cannot do anything to compensate them.

He noted that apart from these two people Odora Denish and one identified as Brian who was injured by these said three marauding elephants are not much of their making and they cannot compensate these people.

 East – Madi Wildlife reserve is located in Northern Western Uganda, north of Murchison Falls in Amuru district on 831 square kilometers of land.

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