Activist vows to arrest Lango leaders over high murder cases  

Women In Development ED Jane Frances Oling. Courtesy/File photo.

“Oyam has been the worst in in-house murders and police is not giving us the right data,” Jane Oling said.

Oyam – 20, July 2021: Every week, at least three reports of murder cases across the Lango sub-region are reported by police. In less than 60 days, this publication puts the tally of those killed at 10.

On 19, July this year, North Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson, ASP Patrick Jimmy Okema updated the media about the murder in Iceme, Oyam district.

The gruesome murder happened to Kazura Jonathan, 36 years of age. He was killed by his brother, Ogom Jonathan, 30.

“Today the 19th July 2021 at around 1240/c at Akao Idebe B cell Ogom Jonathan (accused) followed his brother Kazura Jonathan (deceased) at his premises and cut him several times on the head and killed him instantly using an axe due to a land wrangle over a family plot where the matter is being handled by the clan leaders (Awitong),” Okema told media

Similarly, on July 17, 2021, in Kole district, Odongo Daniel alias Okello Ambrose, 24 years of age was murdered. His suspected killer, according to the North Kyoga Police Spoke person is Odongo Denis, 20.


The incident took place at Harambe trading centre, Agege parish, Bala sub-county in Kole district.

According to police, it is alleged that Odongo Daniel (deceased) went to Odongo Denis (suspect) to mortgage his battery (accumulator) to Ojok David at shs10, 000 only for treating his sick child on 16, July 2021.

Police brief facts

 Hence yesterday (July 17) at around 0800hours Odongo Daniel alias Okello Ambrose went back to Ojok David to add him some more money because the 10k wasn’t enough for medical bills, but Ojok David told him he had no more money to add him.

 Later on the deceased left to Omodo market in Lira city and he came back at about 1700hours at his home, and Ojok David went to his home claiming that Odongo Daniel stole away the Battery which he mortgage, later the deceased went to Harambe trading centre to buy chappati, that was when he met with suspect Odongo Denis at the scene where quarrel erupted and the suspect picked a knife from the chapatti maker and stubbed the deceased on the chest and the deceased managed to ran to a nearby verandah where he felt down and died instantly.

Speaking to TND News Tuesday morning, Jane Frances Oling, a renowned human rights defender expressed disappointment at Lango cultural leaders for doing nothing to cool the situation.

“Oyam has been the worst in in-house murders and police is not giving us the right data,” she said.

She went on to bash the cultural leaders, saying, “The leadership of Lango cultural foundation (LCF) is focused on money, donations and not peaceful coexistence in homes.”

“If the leadership of LCF doesn’t handle the many murder cases human rights defenders from Lango will take them to court.”

Oling says they should not forget about their mandate; making sure families are reconciled. “This is one of their key mandates,” she adds.

“We shall take them to court if they are asleep,” the human rights awardee, emphasizes.

She asked the cultural leaders to put their differences aside and take charge of peaceful coexistence.

“It’s not about attending marriages, weddings and other ceremonies; it’s about preaching peaceful coexistence among those you lead.”

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