Covid vaccines: Uganda to recieve 1.2m doses this yr, 11m in 2022

The country will receive additional 1,274,880 doses in July and August 2021. Uganda received over a million doses between last year, and few months ago this year.

Kampala – 19, July 2021: Uganda is expecting to have at least 50% of her population vaccinated against Covid-19 in 2022 with millions of doses in the pipeline.

The Pearl of Africa is under the second wave of the pandemic and thousands of her citizens have lost their lives.

Months of July and August were expected to be the peak, with high infections and fatalities. The former is somewhat reducing in this month due to 42 days of countrywide lockdown.

The third wave is around the corner, and government is planning on control: by having citizens vaccinated, among other measures.

According to the ministry of health, the country will receive 286,080 doses of AstraZeneca in the fourth week of July 2021. Another 688,800 doses of AstraZeneca will arrive in August 2021.

The same ministry also assures Ugandans that 300,000 doses of Sinovac, a donation from the Peoples’ Republic of China in the fourth week of July 2021 is coming.

Next year, 2m doses of Johnson & Johnson through Afri-Exim Bank and African Union is expected.

“Another 9m doses of AstraZeneca will arrive in early 2022,” the ministry of health says.

As of 16 July, 1,087,152 had been vaccinated. Of these, 5% (54,357.6) have received double jabs.

The pandemic has claimed lives of 2,353 people; 90,391 cumulative cases since March 2020.

The ministry says 849 cases are on admission.

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