Why citizens announce death of President

President Museveni addressed the country on Tuesday night.

By James William Mugeni

“I do not agree with anything that you say, but will protect to my death my right to say it,” says Tom Volatile Okwalinga.

USA – 10, July 2021: In recent weeks, some Ugandans, using social media posted that their leader since 1986 was dead. Some claimed he died from a German hospital.

Few hours later, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s spokesperson came out to clear the air, calling death reports “fake news”.

Mr. Museveni would later appear in public. Recently, he spoke about his death claims, but one thing he said was directing security to hunt for those misusing social media to announce his death.

Today, I am talking about why citizens choose to announce death of their leaders (Presidents) and I will talk about Uganda and Gen. Museveni.

When citizens declare you dead you don’t wake up and start running after them to show that you are alive, you have to ask yourself why? And why the entire population have a belief you could be dead.

By having millions of your citizens appealing to the world to help them out means you are dead. Failed States as described should not fail with a living President.

During the Covid-19 period, Ugandans came and made contributions as citizens. They are asking for an accountability of the 29 billion shillings they collected; all these actions point to a President missing in action.

Must the President have to wake up to death calls?

Then came the Katosi road. There was everything to show money was stolen and still the citizens registered an absent President, who said nothing about the scandal.

All the major scandals where we needed the President we have recorded an absent President.

The IMF, World Bank, African Development Bank have all seen huge protests from Ugandans showing an absent President when it comes to accountability and transparency. Must the President then run after those pronouncing him dead other than fixing things that will show he is alive?

President Museveni what do you think we feel when we see President Uhuru Kenyatta opening up a hospital during this Covid-19 period? President Museveni what will you do if Ugandans said you fell off a pawpaw tree?

It was Idi Amin! Now it is Oh Museveni. And the narratives begin. He rigged elections, he is a dictator, he is corrupt, he presides over death, and when you talk about it, he orders men in uniform to look for you.

Some of us find it very difficult in public places to mention that we are from Uganda. The immediate questions are: what are you doing in the United States, Canada, UK, etc.?

Saying the President is dead is simpler because you want to save him from international scrutiny. President Museveni’s level of dictatorship is irredeemable, he needs to be rescued. He fears everything including own shadow.

What else would compel a man to threaten citizens who are so mindful about his life that they begin to think he is dead, when he has failed to show up for a couple of days in the middle of a pandemic?

You may survive and use billions to protect yourself and prevent people killing you but it will be utterly impossible to prevent people wishing you dead, that would be taking surveillance to new levels. Having surrendered the lives of Ugandans to the dictates of private profit.

If for any reasons the health vultures, education vultures, sanitation and garbage collecting vultures withdraw because they can no longer extract profit because the population is revulsive, Ugandans will wake up to piles of dead bodies, piles of illiterates, and piles of garbage.

And if you think these scenarios are far away, you are joking; already so many private schools are up for sale. Next will be private hospitals then garbage trucks. As for the private hospitals, they would be long gone had there been adequate and superb health care in public hospitals.

To make private hospitals thrive, this system had to literally make public health facilities a death trap.
A society that has lost touch with its creative side is an imprisoned society. With people watching their backs even on what they have to think, let alone say is a sad tale.

And the innocent captives of Uganda will sooner or later need to be rescued from the nefarious fangs of your vile dictatorship.

Recently, Gen. Katumba Wamala, Works and Transport minister said he wanted to know the motives and who sent the assailants who killed his daughter and driver, and gravely injuring him. How will he get these answers when some of the suspects were executed?

In a modern world of global connectivity, it is unthinkable dragging an entire nation into darkness. Stopping social media because it is a medium for questioning excesses; the world must wake up to these human rights violations in Uganda.

These types of oppression makes the thuggery of the Gestapo (German Secret Police) pale in comparison. If the world stood up to Adolf Hitler, it can still stand with Uganda. Any wonder that you have found friendship with dictatorships: Germany, North Korea, etc?

“I do not agree with anything that you say, but will protect to my death my right to say it,” says Tom Volatile Okwalinga.

This call which is a rallying cry made during the French Revolution still holds at least in Uganda where the chief autocrat wishes to control not only what people say, but even their thinking process, stifling creativity and plunging the country back to the dark ages of the Jurassic Park.

Finally, by Ugandans announcing your death should be a privilege to clean your names, fight corruption, demand for accountability and retire before God can do it.

The author is a certified public speaker based in the United States of America.

Editorial: Views expressed here are all his.

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