UNAA’s vendor proposals, Uganda’s fake Covid-19 vaccine recipients and flying to America

Former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (2nd from R) and Ruth Nanabirwa (1st from R) attending UNAA Convention in the US years ago. File photo.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 travel notice for Uganda due to Covid-19, indicating a very high level of Covid-19 in the country,” a statement from the Department of States’ Covid-19 to Americans says.

Kampala – July 8, 2021: Besides grappling with a number of controversies like bad leadership, members’ disloyalty, bad elections planning, accountability and a call for those [some] in [top] leadership to respect the constitution and step down, the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) under some of the accused leaders are “deaf”.

John Agaba’ is UNAA’s Board of Trustees (BoT) chairperson whose term in that office, according to UNAA constitution expired in 2020.

“His continued leadership as the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) Board of Trustees (BoT) chairperson is now being questioned by both UNAA council representatives and other executives,” TND News reported a month ago.

His continued leadership has also raised serious debates in recent weeks, with many terming it “illegal, unconstitutional and criminal”.

Ahead of September 2021 UNAA’s 33rd convention in  Cincinnati, the BoT chairperson has literally taken over the entire leadership, sources told this publication.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior UNAA executive, says: “We have been asking ourselves why a man whose term as the BoT chairperson has expired but he continues to lead and stay on top of both the UNAA president and her executive. What is this?”

In May this year, UNAA electoral commission (EC) chairperson, Florence Bazanye accused BoT’s Agaba.

“On April 03, 2021 it came to our attention that the EC documents that were submitted to the UNAA Executive Secretary, Mr. Lambert Etibot and later published on the UNAA website on March 24, 2021 were later taken down,” she said in a letter to UNAA officials.

She added: “On April 03, 2021, the EC learnt about the BoT’s involvement in this matter. On April 07, 2021, the EC invited the BoT for a meeting to address the matter.”

On April 09, 2021, the BoT chairman, Mr. John Agaba declined the EC meeting invite stating that, “BoT is planning to hold a meeting specifically to discuss the issue you’re trying to address”.

On April 12, 2021, the EC chairperson, Ms. Florence Bazanye reached out to the BoT chairman requesting feedback. The EC chairperson wrote that, “Time is running out and we would like our guidelines available to UNAA members”. Read more: UNAA elections in limbo.

Speaking to this publication that time, James William Mugeni, UNAA rep., for Central Plains, said: “In my humble opinion, the EC should ignore the BoT and just send out guidelines directly to the members.”


 Latest from UNAA

With uncertainty brought by Covid-19 pandemic, restriction on flights, visa ban (especially on some Ugandans by the America), Uganda’s fake Covid-19 vaccines and increase in infections in recent weeks, UNAA is too confident of hosting Uganda’s delegation in September.

However, some Ugandans in America want the U.S.A government to ban any visits from over 200 Ugandans regarding the September event.

“Yes. We must be concerned about anyone coming from Uganda. I wonder whether they will be allowed to even get into the Americas,” Museveni’s government critic, James William Mugeni says.

“With over 200 Members of Parliament testing positive in recent weeks and the bulk of them being people we entertain in the convention precautions must be taken,” Mugeni adds.

He also says the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda who clears Members of Parliament and always part of the “entourage is another thing altogether”.

“Everything in Uganda plays negative against the convention. 800 Ugandans having taken fake vaccines makes anyone traveling from Uganda not welcomed,” a senior UNNA member noted.

Currently, Uganda is an epicenter for new variants of Covid-19. Indian, South African, UK variants are all in Ugandans. The deadliest – Delta variant is coming – experts warn.

The convention which relies heavily on the Ugandan Embassy in Washington DC might have to consider the public image; “siphoning in money” from Uganda when Ugandans back home are grieving.

Besides the above concerns, the executive secretary, Mr. Lambert Etibot is silent and convention planners are advertising for vendor proposals.

According to the advert, UNAA has put a deadline of July, 15 2021 for proposals submission. The beleaguered association is looking for service providers in the following areas: food consultant, decorator, videography and media coverage, among others.

Eddie Kyobe, director of development is one of the key persons in charge of this arraignment.

Some Ugandans in America (Diaspora) wants the 33rd convention postponed and funds (in millions) sent by the government of Uganda reimbursed to take care of the vulnerable country – Uganda and her citizens.

“All Covid-19 variants mentioned in the world seem to have found their way to Uganda. All sorts of forgeries are taking place in Uganda are not good for public safety. We need healthy Ugandans and we can’t waste the money here,” Mugeni.

He calls those who got fake Covid-19 vaccines “absolute madness with your country”. “Some of them could even be MPs, top government officials thinking they will fly to America in September.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 travel notice for Uganda due to Covid-19, indicating a very high level of Covid-19 in the country,” a statement from the Department of States’ Covid-19 to Americans says.

“If the US is telling its citizens not to travel to Uganda how is it safe then to allow Ugandans to travel to USA with all the scandals we are hearing about fake vaccines, mutant viruses, and above all it is factual that these guys, some of them are known criminals, very corrupt and corrupted individuals,” says Mugeni.

He also noted that holding a convention and the election that involves movement of people across America and Africa can only exacerbate Covid-19 in America, more so in the Ugandan communities that not only causes destitution in the community but in Uganda too. “Most of these Ugandans in America are breadwinners for their families in Uganda.”

“We had a convention online in 2020; an election cannot be reasons for us endangering ourselves and others.”

“Both the election and the convention can be held online something that has been resisted by BoT and the executive. I am always blamed for exposing UNAA in the media but the situation is dire since we are dealing with dictators.”

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