Covidex: Mr Museveni, Dr. Ogwang isn’t snoring – back him for us

Prof Ogwang Patrick's Covidex has met mixed reactions. A YouTube photo.

By James William Mugeni

Mr Museveni has castigated the world on vaccines, calling on Africans (scientists) to wake up. Are you saying – ours – Professor Ogwang is snoring?

USA – 7, July 2021: What haven’t we taken in America to survive? Most of us resulted to what our parents were using in the olden days to treat us. With the fear of dying out in America in recent years, we formed support groups and all we did was herbs.

Our positive attitude towards life and the quest to survive has carried us into Covid-19.

Faith in our herbs without proof still saw every household of an immigrant acting as a “pharmacy”. I want to find a way of suggesting to America to investigate what we are doing as immigrant communities but we are too thin to be heard.

Seeing what Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang is going through, moreover in his own mother land shocks us. He is a scientist who should be subjected to rigorous attention. He is researching in what most of us have taken to survive since childhood.

For example, we have grown up taking Namusis/Nasiwunya for loss of appetite. I do not think there is anything we can compare with this herb. We have taken Mululuswa for cough and malaria and I only know Mululuswa in the native language.

We have taken Yekeyeke roots for diarrhea and abdominal pain, something I only know in my native language and not in pharmaceuticals that I have studied.

We have taken baths in Olukohakohe for measles, rashes and subsequent infections and these are medicines we will use when we are out of options.

What on earth would make a dead person cost relatives over shs110 million in medical bills with all the stories we are reading from [in] Uganda?

Listening to Patrick Ogwang is humbling. He is a man not open to greed, a man whose ethical values are in giving than receiving.

Interesting to hear that among the scientists who were awarded money for Covid-19 research, he did not make it to the list. He kept doing his work and now the sharks are after him.

 Mr Museveni has castigated the world on vaccines, calling on Africans (scientists) to wake up. Are you saying – ours – Professor Ogwang is snoring? I thought Ogwang puts us to share the same table with those with vaccines.

Uganda can tow the cure line and we also have something to sell to the world. Vaccines are big time businesses, why not allows Uganda also to come out strong in curing Covid-19?

There is a crucial gap in the field of medicine that “the Ogwang research group” is answering.

From the Americas to Uganda, deep in my village in Busia where people are extracting marijuana, someone must research and not kill those taking herbs in fear of the mystery Covid-19 is.

It is not the first time Uganda takes lead in the world of medicine. Remember primary healthcare first practiced in Kasangati by 1964; do not forget the Norine Kaleba whose TASO work is an admiration of the whole world; where the Winnie Byanyima basks in glory and global recognition and stature today.

At the excitement levels like the Itesots, allow me to be happy for a St. Peter’s College Tororo (Tororo College boy), then perhaps also be associated with the Ogwang of Mbarara University of Science and Technology. I was associated with the University teaching hospital where I lost a job. Perhaps I would have shared in the herbs research, perhaps at the epicenter where I was among the first clinical officers in Malaria research.

Finally, I stand in solidarity with him; I will take him home to research on Nasiwunya/Namusisi. Bravo Professor Ogwang Patrick.

The author is a Medical clinical officer/Certified public Manager based in the United States of America.

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