After 42 days, Museveni might extend lockdown – Dr Mwebesa

GLCSMS CEO Milton Emmy Akwam (putting on a pink-white sweater) next to him is Director General Health Services Dr Henry Mwebesa.

“Positivity rate is coming down, we don’t need to celebrate yet,” Dr Henry G. Mwebesa.

Kampala – 24, June 2021: Ugandans are on day six of official lockdown announced last week on Friday by president Museveni Kaguta Yoweri on the recommendations of country’s scientists.

The lockdown, which is one of the measures to fight Covid-19, ends on “July 30, 2021”.

At day six, “we are not curving yet”, says Dr Henry G. Mwebesa, the Director General Health Services in the Ministry of Health.

Dr Mwebesa who was hosted on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze show, added that to achieve, “you have to see that everybody stay at home.”

“Some slight improvement. We had reached 1,700 cases per day but we are now reaching 800 cases per day,” he says.

He also says positivity rate is coming down, asking Ugandans: “We don’t need to celebrate yet.”

“If we don’t flattened the curve, the president might add more lockdown. If you don’t comply, the president will lock you down,” he said with emphasis.

Dr Mwebesa is among Ugandan scientists and doctors who advise the president on Covid-19, and the president relies on their scientific and medical advises to act.

The Director General Health Services also told the nation that testing for Covid-19 has been intensified in this second wave.

Uganda has 40 districts with positivity rate above 10%, says Dr Mwebesa. These districts are: Kampala, Wakiso, Gulu, Tororo, Nebbi, Butaleja, Mbarara, Jinja, Luweero, Mpigi, among others.

“There is no place which is safe,” he reveals, adding that interdistrict travel ban was made to stop the transmission of different variants from one district to another.

On oxygen saga, he refused to acknowledge we are in “a crisis”. “Uganda does not have  oxygen crisis but ‘high demand for oxygen'”.

Before Covid-19, he says Uganda had enough oxygen (supplies) at Mulago National Referral Hospital to manage the existing beds (patients). “Covid-19 requires a lot of oxygens,” he says.

“Severe to critical Covid patients are those we are admitting at Mulago.”

Covid-19 relief money

The Office of the Prime Minister is to offer relief money to vulnerable Ugandans during 42 days of lockdown. According to Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja, those who had transactions between shs200,000 and shs500,000 on their mobile money numbers will not be relieved.

Single mothers, boda boda riders, ghetto people are some of the potential beneficiaries.

Minister of Health Covid-19 data

As of June 21, 2021, Uganda had recorded 752 deaths, 50,085 recoveries and 1,127 active cases on admission.

The data also reveals that 834,271 people have been vaccinated, 74,260 cumulative cases; 1,277,941 tests done since March 2020.

Positivity rate stands at 12.0% as of June 21. 859 tested positive out of 7,196 tests done.

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