What kind of life is Castro Odur, who did vasectomy as a family planning method live?

A male reproductive body organ. Internet photo.

Vasectomy is a form of male birth control that cuts the supply of sperm to your semen. It’s done by cutting and sealing the tubes that carry sperm. Vasectomy has a low risk of problems and can usually be performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia.

By Felix Omara

Lira – 22, June 2021: Vasectomy — also called male sterilization is a surgical procedure and is meant to protect against pregnancy permanently. So, it is super effective according to health experts.

It blocks or cuts each vas deferens tube, keeping sperm out of your semen. Sperm cells stay in your testicles and are absorbed by your body.

Starting about three months after a vasectomy, your semen (cum) will not contain any sperm, so it can not cause pregnancy. But you will still have the same amount of semen you had before.

Many men have acquired this method of family planning as a safety way of living a happy family. Let’s hear from a 49 year old man, Castro Odur, a resident of Ocokcan cell, Wiakot ward in Agweng town council, Lira district.  He is a beneficiary of vasectomy for the last ten years.

Why did you choose this method of family planning?

Castro: I am a man of 11 children though I lost three and at the age of 49 this was too much for me and my family. I wanted my wife to go for it and following the doctor’s advice, doing vasectomy as the best method for me, I had to change my mind.

I was told vasectomy will let me take care of the children I already have, and many more of it advantages.

Was it a family decision to go for family planning?

Castro: No. I thought of it by myself after starting to realize some challenges in managing my family and later I shared the idea with my wife.

Did she welcome the idea?

Castro:  I was surprised when I told her about the idea; she welcomed it there and then. “I had the same idea too,” she told me. She had already started experiencing health complication.

When you reached the clinic for the operation didn’t you thought of changing your mind?

Castro: No. Nothing of such came to my mind; I was convinced with the doctor’s advice and my wife again was pregnant though we lost that child during birth.

I wanted her alive in order to have a stronger family and I had a successful operation and I rode my bike home safely.

How has been your social life after doing vasectomy?

Castro: Of course many of them criticized my decision saying I am too young to go for vasectomy as a family planning method. But since it was the family decision and reflecting on the doctor’s advice, I had to convince them on the advantages of this method.

Let me tell you, for the last 10 years since I did vasectomy, I have 11 of my friends whom I have shared with them the values of this method, have done vasectomy and they are now living a happy life in their families and I give thanks to God.

But how is your family life today?

Castro: In fact, i am the happiest man in this area, attending to my family problems is no longer a big challenge to me; my children are now at school. Without Covid 19 affecting education system many of them would be completing different higher level of their studies except two who are now in primary.

Our love life is improving day by day, my sexual ability is normal and there is no illness associated to the family planning method I use.

What message do you have for men in regards to this method of family planning?

Castro: What I have to tell them is: this current generation needs proper planning and having a manageable family is the key to achieve a better life. Look at me having not taken this decision I would be having more additional five children and my wife would be dead by now. Have a number of family members you can manage, the reasons why there are many cases of abortion and increase in the number of street children is because of many children in a family.

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