BREAKING: Ugandans petition USA government, wants UNAA deregistered

“Claim against the Uganda North American Association, Inc (UNAA), EIN: 202772644”

Kampala – 22, June 2021: Two members of the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) have petitioned the United States government over the association’s “governance and accountability styles”.

“We are filing this claim to report UNAA’s non-compliance with laws governing 501c3 non-profit organizations. The organization does not follow its own constitution/bylaws, nor even the laws governing non-profits in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (where it is registered),” reads petition in part.

“Essentially, UNAA has evolved into a political extension of Uganda‘s dictatorial regime which spares no expense to ensure that only Uganda ruling party supporters are at its helm,” the petition further reads.

They informed the US government that the Uganda government “officially allocates UNAA a $100,000 per year”. “UNAA’s membership registration fees yield at most $1200, but its tax filings, in a typical year, show more than $300,000 in contributions and grants, with no breakdown as to source. Thus, there is suspicion of money laundering.”


“UNAA’s acceptance of money from Uganda’s dictatorial regime to contain critical voices in the diaspora is very distressing to us who left the country due to political persecution and intimidation. Foreign government control of UNAA’s elections should not be permissible under its 501c3 status.”

The petition was posted on 16, June 2021 at 13:31 pm local time. It was received on 17, June 2021.

The petitioners spoke to TND News on condition of anonymity, Tuesday.

“If your investigation corroborates the information above, we, on behalf of the Ugandan diaspora in the USA, request that UNAA loses its 501c3 status, so that it can be reconstituted without foreign political interference.”

“UNAA is actually an unregistered foreign agent that exposes us to risks. It has individuals who track us down and profile us to government of Uganda. This abuses the right to protection services given to us by the US government,” petitioners add.

More to follow.

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