Otto: “Nobody on earth can secure your future and stop Covid-19 but God”

At no single moment have we ever surrendered our future in the hands of mortal beings as the
“immortal” jokers try to suggests that they can “secure our future”.

Oyam – 20 June 2021: For sometime now, Covid-19 has become a menace to Uganda and the World at large.

Families have lost loved ones, economy is shattered, corruption in government has peaked, education is left to the dogs, health care system is a joke, life is hopeless and many of our people are worried of their future.

Besides all these problems, the imposed lockdown comes with its own challenges. In reflecting through this episode, I found some consolation in the choice of our national motto and the composition of the first stanza of the National Anthem.

As you go through the first stanza of the National Anthem, you will appreciate my view point amidst the agony and hopelessness we face today.

In Uganda, Covid-19 carries along with corruption, nepotism, oppression and militarism with a direct effects on our population.

Nonetheless, the hope that should keep us going is summarized in the first stanza of the National Anthem, as below:

“Oh Uganda May God Uphold Thee, We Lay Our Future in Thy Hands United Free for Liberty Together We Always Stand.”

As Covid-19 continues to hit the beloved nation and claim lives of our people in the ravaged economy controlled by scavengers, we ought to deeply reflect on the vows we made in our motto and anthem.

First, we agreed that, amidst all odds, “We Lay Our Future in Thy Hands”, and so we should seek the intervention of God to help us in the fight against poverty, ignorance, corruption, injustice and disease which are the core components of greed, misrule and natural calamities.

In this same verse, we also remind ourselves that we shall always “Stand Together Free as a United People to fight for Liberty”.

Brethrens, this clarion call remains our vow and commitment to do everything within our midst to look for solutions to our problems with belief that God will always come to our rescue.

At no single moment have we ever surrendered our future in the hands of mortal beings as the
“immortal” jokers try to suggests that they can “secure our future”.

We ought to discover that Covid-19 just like any other emerging diseases, HIV/AIDS, cancer, etcetera are God sent and indeed God will not let his people down instead he will intervene, and very soon Covid-19 will be another story as we wait for another cure from God.

When HIV/AIDS struck the world, we all believed God was near to finish the world, but the faithfuls reasoned that “God vowed never to finish the earth again but his bitterness for man’s shameless behaviour shall continue to manifest through diseases and deaths.”

Therefore, brethrens as we fight Covid-19 using all the available means, let’s be reminded that God will never abandon us for our sins but instead he will give his generous punishment to a few, who shall perish but the majority shall overcome this vice to testify to the future generation.

We can only help God to protect ourselves by following SOPs, boosting our body immunity and under-going tests and treatment.

God said “we shall eat out of sweat and we should help him to protect ourselves”. As we struggle to survive amidst the difficulties, therefore, do not relax and curse yourself but surrender your “future in thy hands”.

Nobody on earth can secure your future and stop Covid-19 but God will work through you to end this deadly virus.

We must put our feet down to fight corruption, nepotism, injustices; killings, torture, repression, discrimination, selfishness, and failure to provide medical services because our God do not allow such things and instead he punishes us for doing evil things before HIM.

I am a Ugandan leader who believes in our motto, “For God and My Country.”

Hon. Ishaa Otto Amiza is a former Oyam South MP, and UPC Secretary General under Peter Walubiri administration.

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