Why Hon. Nabanja Robina is the best of the worst

Uganda's Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja.

Certainly Hon Nabanja Robina seems to be the best that NRM can give Uganda!

By Muhimbise George

Kampala – 15, June 2021: I got very surprised when many Ugandan elite went on social media castigating the appointment of Hon Nabanja Robina as the Uganda’s Prime Minister and leader of government business.

Any body who expected or hoped to get a better Prime Minister than Nabanja from NRM reminds me of the bible story of the two people; Mary Magdalene and another Mary who went to look for Jesus from his grave and only to hear a voice asking them why they were looking for the alive from the dead!

People in NRM have three categories with respective personality characteristics: They include a group of well educated intellectuals, the cheerleaders and the blind followers.

The educated intellectuals have two personality characteristics. Some are too crafty and corrupt. They are mafias and are capable of stealing everything that comes their way, clearing those who stand in their way and they take advantage of system weaknesses to do all kinds of evil.

The likes of Amama Mbabazi, Mwesigwa Rukutana, David Bahati, Margret Muhanga, Chris Baryomunsi, etc will fall in that category.

During Amama Mbabazi’s time in government, he was involved in many scandles which included Temangalo, Chogm and OPM scandles, etc but he was smart enough to overcome each of them.

The other group of intellectuals face the problem of intellectual dishonesty. They are intelligent but lack the courage to challenge evil, those decide to seat in their comfort zones to enjoy the crumbs from the dictator without questioning any wrong! These include the likes Ruhakana Rugunda, Katumba Wamala, Godfrey Kiwanda, etc. They may not necessarily be corrupt but they have no will to fight corruption.

Whereas Dr Rugunda did not involve in any corruption scandle, there is no evidence that he fought corruption during his tenure. This group will hide their intelect, pretend as if they don’t see the injustices and impunity and rather become accomplishes in the criminality against the people of Uganda.

Such people will read reports written to them in Parliament or before the public without any reasoning, one of them read a report in Parliament claiming that Hon. Francis Zake had tortured himself while in jail, they have brains but they shelve it the moment they go to government.

The second category of NRM leaders are praise singers and cheerleaders! These are not necessarily intelligent or highly educated. They may not be corrupt or even over ambitious. Many of them look at serving government as a privilege and not a right and that is why they worship NRM. These include the likes of Anifa Kawoya, Evelyn Anite, Judith Nabakooba and Nabanja, Simeo Nsubuga, etc. They pretend to be more NRM than others as a way of attracting Museveni’s eye. They are sychophants and bootlikers. Their noise overshadows their mediocrity and before you know it, they are in cabinet!

The third class is for the blind followers, majority the semi-illiterate and young people. These support NRM because of their narrow thinking or because of being mislead by the other two classes. Majority are not in top Leadership.

Majority are ordinary Ugandans who support innocently. Others are tax stouts, boda boda riders, crime preventors, LDUs, etc; they can be forgiven for they are blind followers!

Therefore when Museveni was looking for a Prime Minister, he had to appoint from the two other classes; the intellectuals and the cheerleaders. A quick check on the list of corruption scandles, you will find intellectuals.

Those with titles of principal secretaries, senior accountants, executuve secretaries, managing directors, etc have been the ones involved in corruption.

Ask about the one who sold goats to buy UBC land, she is an intellectual, who was involved in OPM scandle, he was an intellectual, who stole money in URA they were intellectuals, who ate money for pensioners, he was an intellectual, Musisi who run KCCA without Contacts committee or Public Accounts Committee, she was an Intellectual, who approves unnecessary loans in Parliament they are intellectuals, etc!

When NRM came to power, they appointed UPC and DP people in ministerial and high level positions of government while the NRA officers were appointed as state ministers as they got mentored.

When the NRA people matured and some started challenging their boss, their royalty was questioned ans they were either ejected or sidelined. The cream of NRM that included the likes of Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Dr. Kizza Besigye, Amama Mbabazi, Prof Bukenya, Bidandi Sali, Amanya Mushega, Winnie Byanyima, Getrude Njuba, James Wapakabulo, Francis Ayume, Sam Njuba, Serwanga Lwanga, etc were alliniated from the system, others died or were suffocated from within the system.

The other MPs of integrity like Hon Barnabas Tinkasimire, Hon Felix Okot Ogong, Hon Theodore Sekikubo, Hon Alex Ruhunda, Hon Mukitale, Hon Kibalya, etc have been rebelled as rebels because of standing on truth!

After the cream of NRM was ejected or rejected, most of what is remaining are dregs that have been recycled for more years until they got diluted and exhausted, just good to be dustbined!

NRM has not nurtured any serious leaders, it has only created sycophants and praise singers. It has created a senseless generation that act as a mob and operate as hired mercenaries whenever Museveni wants.

Certainly Hon Nabanja Robina seems to be the best that NRM can give Uganda!

Nabanja represents a dead nation, a primitive society, a rotten political system, a system that negates competence, a system that punishes integrity but rewards royalty, an exhausted regime that has nothing more to offer except incompetence and leap service!

The author is a member of the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party.

Email: muhimbiseg@gmail.com

Mobile: 0787836515

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