UNAA in crisis: Agaba’s expired term of office and the executives’ revolt

UNAA BOT Chairperson Mr John Agaba is under pressure to leave after his term expired last year. Courtesy/File photo.

“A Trustee shall be eligible to serve for only two consecutive (2) terms. The term of office for each Trustee shall be three (3) years.”

Kampala – 26, May 2021: Mr John Agaba’s continued leadership as the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairperson is now being questioned by both UNAA council representatives and other executives.

His continued leadership has raised serious debates in recent days, with many terming it “illegal, unconstitutional and criminal”. Some UNAA top leaders and council representatives who spoke to this publication are demanding for his immediate leave.

Term of Office of members of the UNAA Board of Trustees: “A Trustee shall be eligible to serve for only two consecutive (2) terms. The term of office for each Trustee shall be three (3) years. No person shall be nominated a Trustee more than twice. The term of office of the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees shall be two-years,” the association’s constitution reads.

On election, “5.5: Election: All Trustees shall be nominated by the Executive Committee and shall be confirmed with the advice and consent of the UNAA Council.”

Ahead of UNAA elections in Cincinnati in September this year, there is already a disagreement between UNAA EC and BOT chairperson. Agaba has written several letters to Ms Florence Bazanye, the EC chairperson regarding upcoming elections.


“In my humble opinion, the EC should ignore the BOT and just send out guidelines directly to the members,” James William Mugeni, UNAA rep. Central Plains, says.

“The two year term of the BOT expired some time back. Even the two year term of office for the chairman has expired. They are an illegal entity; why should an expired entity be dictating UNAA affairs?”

“John Agaba’s two year term as Chairman of the BOT ended last year (per our constitution),” another executive member say.

According to another opinion, It is only chairman’s term that expired; the executive pick the next incoming chairman and council approves him or her.

He was the last addition to BOT, according to an internal e-mail dated 20, September 2018 under the subject: “Vote on Mr. John Agaba as the final addition to the BOT.”

 “Dear council members, please vote to approve or disapprove on Mr John Agaba as the final addition to the BOT. The voting will be open starting Friday, September 21st at 12:05am to Saturday, September 22nd at 12:05am. Please reply to this email to cast your vote.” This communication was made by Kenneth Waluube, UNAA Council Secretary.

Mr Mugeni states that it seems government of Uganda has systematically smuggled in its state agents. Agaba claims to be chairman of BOT even when his mandate is expired.

“There are many criminals in UNAA right from BOT, the executive and council level. We demand for a thorough audit. There is money laundering especially from government agencies in Uganda, espionage groups are here, besides threatening the entire 120,000 Ugandans who are in America.

“This is a country of refugee for us not where to live in fear. If BOT has people acting illegally then just know there are criminals in here.”

Agaba is yet to respond to TND News on numerous claims against him, among them interfering with the EC mandates.

UNAA members say Agaba’s communications to them no longer binds because he’s an illegal leader.

However, another member blames the current blunder on council leaders.  “Those who forget the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.”

“In 2014, a number of UNAA Council members took it upon themselves to do the work of the Executive.  Most specifically, this group of 8 undertook the process of vetting potential convention hotels in San Diego and selected one.  When the Executive Committee rejected their selection for one of their own (as is their absolute right according the constitution), this group rebelled and subsequently held a competing convention just one mile from the official UNAA convention.  It was from this mess that emerged UNAA causes.”

“It appears to me that there are members of the current UNAA Council who forgot this travesty (quite possibly because they are new to UNAA leadership or may not have even been UNAA members in 2014) and may well lead us into another divisive conflict.

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