Restore the corporate image of 11th Parliament – UPC to MPs

Sharon Arach - UPC Spokesperson addressing media on Wednesday. Courtesy photo.

“We need to get back to the drawing board and place our focus back on the things that affect this country,” Arach Oyat Sharon.

Kampala – 26, May 2021: Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) has implored the Members of Parliament to take the necessary steps to restore the corporate image of Parliament.

UPC, now working hand-in-hand with the ruling party, National Resistance Movement (NRM), said all decisions should be “made on informed decisions as well as making laws that benefit a minority of Ugandans”.

Addressing the media in Kampala on Wednesday, the UPC party spokesperson, Arach Oyat Sharon said the party joins the rest of the country to congratulate the newly elected Speakers of Parliament Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah and his Deputy Rt. Hon. Anita Among as the new heads of Parliament.

“I would like to commend and appreciate the level of discipline exhibited by the members of Parliament during the elections of Speaker,” she added.


Now that the elections are done, she says “we need to get back to the drawing board and place our focus back on the things that affect this country”.

“As the 11th Parliament you have four roles; legislation, budget approval/appropriation, oversight and representation, the means of carrying out the work of government and to scrutinize government policy and administration,” the opposition-NRM-leaning party, added.

She reminded that country that UPC has always advocated for unity, peace, reconciliation and dialogue. “The entire election process has affected relations of most of the Members of Parliament. All these must be put behind and focused on their common interest and that is the electorate.”

“Work must resume, implementing their manifestos and fulfilling the promises made during campaigns; put the differences aside and work together as a team for the benefit of the common man.”

“Desist from commercialization of the activities of Parliament. MPs should know that every decision made affects the livelihood of Ugandans. The speakers should lead meaningful, informed and dignified debates by all parties in the house to strengthen the spirit of nationalism and patriotism,” UPC further advises.

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