Kole North: MP Opio Acuti’s first statement after taking oath

Dr Opio explains to Kenyan President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta on his visits to CiplaQCIL. Courtesy/File photo.

“Lango currently remains among the poorest in the country with industrialization stagnated, education paralyzed and health services and structures dilapidated,” says Kole North MP, Dr Opio Samuel Acuti.

 Kole, Lango – 21, May 2021: A total of 529 Ugandan MPs have been sworn in after a four-day exercise that ended Thursday, May 20, 2021.

They will be representing their constituents for the next five years in the 11th parliament. More than 12 MPs from Lango sub-region were sworn in on Thursday – the last day of the exercise.

Among those who took oath were: Hon. Paul Omara (Otuke County), Hon. Denis Hamson Obua (Ajuri County), Hon. Moses Okot (Kyoga County), Hon. Okwir Samuel (Moroto County), Hon. Peter Ocen (Kole South) and Hon. Dr Opio Samuel Acuti (Kole South), among others.

MP Opio succeeds Hon. Okello Bonny Desales (NRM). The latter represented his constituents for one term in the 10th parliament.

On Thursday, MP Opio (IND) had this to say, hours after taking his oath.

“The Oath is taken, the contract is signed the work has began.” this was his headline on a statement he shared.

Read more below his partly edited statement:

 Fellow constituents, on 20th May 2021 I took an oath as a member of parliament for Kole North. Not only was this an oath but a contract signed with the people of Kole North, Lango and Uganda to pursue their aspirations, join their struggles and address their challenges.

Kole North has numerous challenges; Only 5% of the population has access to electricity, more than 90% of those who commence primary education never make it to completion,60% of the roads become impassable during the rainy season and  in health, malaria, HIV/AIDS and road accidents are the merciless killers of our people.

In Agriculture, the population plants food but doesn’t plant money. One is therefore not likely to die of starvation but rather to die of poverty. Resources from the district do not adequately reach the intended recipients including educational and health institutions.

Despite these challenges, there lie opportunities to address them and not just change the statistics but change the livelihoods. In the next 100 days I will be moving to sow the seeds that will germinate into better service delivery in the areas of roads, health, electricity, education, agriculture, governance and poverty eradication. These seeds will germinate in the short, medium and long term. But before these seeds are sowed we need to weed the land and carry out some bush clearing.

As part of this, in the coming weeks i will be filing a 25 paged report to Kole District officials on the budget oversight observations that I have noted for the financial year 2021.

Among these observations include: Disparities in road resource allocations in which Kole North only received 10% of the 295 million sector allocation; unexplained delays in drilling of boreholes in Aboke sub county and rehabilitation in all the three sub-counties, claims by local leaders of district officials seeking bribes for contracts to be awarded for capital developments.

Others issues include: Non – receipt of sector grants by some health facilities despite releases by Central government; Inability to establish utilization of funds for agricultural activities by several sub-counties, difficulty in verifying utilization of 180 million Ugx district equalization grants due to poor co-operation from Sub-county leaders; Non – receipt by parishes and villages of the 35% tax revenue retained by the Sub-county and poor transparency on government programmes. Addressing these issues will fundamentally increase access to services within the district in these priority areas.

As regards Lango sub-region, I urge the Lango parliamentary group to put hands, hearts and minds together for the development of Lango. In the last 10 years, government has constructed 3,200 km of tarmac but out of these not a single km of it has been made in Lango sub-region.

Lango currently remains among the poorest in the country with industrialization stagnated, education paralyzed and health services and structures dilapidated. We need as a group to champion for reforms, lobby for more government resources and engage for improved service delivery at the districts. When Central and local governments fail in service delivery, we the members of parliament are seen as the service providers.

In conclusion, I am confident and upbeat that Kole North and Lango is on a new upward trajectory and skyward trend with the able-bodied leaders that have taken office. However, even as take over the offices let’s not allow the offices to take over us but remain true to the cause for a better constituency, a brighter Lango and a greater Uganda!

For God and my country

Who’s MP Opio Acuti?

Mr. Opio, 39, has been a Director and the Supervising Pharmacist at CiplaQCIL since 2009, having joined the Company in 2007 as Quality Assurance Pharmacist.

Prior to this, Mr. Opio was a Supervising Pharmacist at Kwality Afro-Asia and an Intern Pharmacist at Mulago National Referral Hospital. Read more: Pharmaceutical sector endorses Dr Opio Sam Acuti

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