Ishaa Otto Amiza’s OPEN LETTER to Gen. Museveni: “Change face or die a villain”

Isaah Otto Amiza - former Oyam South MP. File photo

Key: President (elect), Mr Museveni, in power since 1986, will be sworn in on 12, May 2021 for the 6th term in office.

Oyam – 6, May 2021: Your Excellency Sir, let me call you so for lack of a better phrase! I am a male Ugandan, of Lango tribe, born and brought up in a civilized family of a teacher.

I am a political activist whose major political mission is to ensure an end to autocracy, corruption, impunity, sectarianism and abuse of human rights, which has characterized your 35 years of dominant authoritarian rule in order to bring hope and joy to the people of Uganda.

Your Excellency Sir, while addressing workers and citizens of Uganda on Labour Day on 1st May 2021, you sounded like you were from a deep sleep and woke up in dreams and wanted to relay these dreams to the people of Uganda.  Your claim of innocence and ignorance about Umeme’s exploit of Ugandans was not only strange but a provocation to the people of Uganda who for nearly two decades have been crying foul over Umeme’s misgivings.

I am one person who suffered arrests, torture and imprisonment in the hands of your police and operatives over attempts to STOP Umeme’s exploits of the citizens of Lango and Uganda.

I also realized that, in the same tone you were for the first attempting to reveal the truth about your identity and the advances of the Banyarwanda in the Kingdom of Buganda and their exploit in the management of the affairs of Uganda.

These two issues were not only revealing of your inner traits but attempts to hide face your from the reality which you are afraid of.


I could imagine some kind of openness beginning to manifest in you through your own words. It was this cowardly maneuver that ignited me to write to you before you are sworn in for another five (5) years as President.

Your Excellency Sir, would I be right to point out that, now that you are entering your possibly the last active political term in office as President [who will be in power for 40 years], there is now an opportunity for you to try to review the wrongs your government, cronies committed against the people of Uganda in the last 35 years and apologize to the people of Uganda.

I think it can be done and you now have the last and best chance to prove your worth and correct the image of your government which is soiled with endemic corruption, debt burden reaching to average 1.5m debt per every head, arrogance and brutality by your cohorts, nepotism and discrimination in government, etc.

I am aware, that, on 12th May 2021, you will be sworn in by your Chief Justice, Alfonse Owiny Dollo to rule for the next five years until 2026. Your Excellency Sir, even Saul who had persecuted God’s children for decades became Paul at the last minute and became the best Servant of God; preached the gospel to the children of God.

I would rather ask you to put the Motto of Uganda “For God and My Country” in front of you to guide your last term of power.  It’s even not yet too late to advise you to get back to God, renew your Faith and forget about the arrogance of being a “Freedom Fighter” and become a servant leader of the people of Uganda.

Believe in the very words of the First Lady, Mama Janet MusevenI in order to form a government worth delivering services to the poverty stricken, weak, vulnerable and withdrawn citizens of Uganda.

Your Excellency Sir, I think this is your last opportunity to seek for forgiveness from God and the people of Uganda and to repent your sins for misrule, autocracy and terror which your state system continues to unleash against the people of Uganda; use of corruption, tribalism and sectarianism as a tool of governance.

Your Excellency Sir, for the last 35 years, you have contradicted yourself just too much for your grandchildren to be proud. It’s the right time you rewind your thoughts and tell Ugandans your genuine mission and vision for Uganda.

Lastly Your Excellency, when Jesus came to God’s people, he chose his disciples and taught them the best principles to drive his gospel mission to the people of God. In the same way, I know all the people around you are pretentious to tell you the truth and yet you still have a choice to make and the last chance to choose the best Ministers/ governance disciples who will serve the nation to satisfy the expectations of the people by filling the gaps/ loopholes created by misrule for the last 35 years!

Ugandans are eagerly waiting for the kind of appointment you will make for Ministers in your last term. Will you appoint the same hungry and greedy cadres or for a change of method, for the first and last time you will consider to appoint  servants of the people, willing and oriented to serve the nation without any bias of their selfish interests and the regions of their origins?

Your Excellency Sir, as the saying goes “the world is watching”, whether you have realized your past mistakes and ready to repent or not, the people are watching. It may not be too late and impossible; to re-baptize yourself as Saul did to become Paul and a true servant of God.

For God and My Country.

 The author is Oyam South’s former MP (UPC); and a human rights activist.

Editorial: Views expressed in this publication are solely his. 

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