Fire outbreaks: UPC tells govt to revolutionise buildings with fire detectors

Arach Sharon Oyat, UPC Spokesperson addressing the media in Kampala on recently. Courtesy/File photo.

At the same time, UPC calls for ‘peace and calm in all aspects of our lives, be it social, economical or political.’

Kampala – 21, April 2021: On Monday 19, April this year, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola released “The Annual Police Crime Report 2020.”

The new report shows that fire outbreaks and domestic violence have increased compared to past years.

According to the report, 2020 saw 1,015 fire outbreak cases compared to 999 in 2019. 

There were 17,664  reported cases of domestic violence in 2020 compared to 2019’s 13,600. However, there were reductions in crime cases and traffic accidents last year.

“Uganda today is experiencing an increase in criminal offenses especially domestic violence and fire outbreaks despite a backdrop in traffic related cases,” Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) told media on Wednesday.

It added: “UPC welcomes this report as it gives us the opportunity to reflect, identify hot spots and mitigate them accordingly. Let us hope that the report and recommendations therein will be used effectively for the common good!”

However, for a greater period of time, UPC says, “we have had fire outbreaks at schools and other places of work like factories, stores and endless fire in open markets among others with huge loss of property worth millions if not billions and sometimes death is registered!”

“The recent one is the fire outbreak at National Medical Stores (JMS) in that recorded a loss of property worth 7 billion as explained by JMS management. These outbreaks are always attributed to electricity short circuits, charcoal stove and we are yet to see the released comprehensive report (s) to ascertain the real cause of the fire.”

“UPC is requesting the government to ensure that our buildings are revolutionised with fire detecting equipment, water points to be used in emergency situations and fire extinguishers to be put in strategic places. The fire brigade section should be fully funded to be up to the task whenever they are alerted,” Sharon Arach Oyat, the UPC spokesperson, further told media, Wednesday.

As for domestic violence, she says, “we need to effectively empower family units and create awareness whereby we discourage breaking up of families as well as emphasizing dialogue as a mean of solving any family issues at hand”.

“Not forgetting the big role which the social supporting systems of families, clans and society in general play! At the same time, UPC calls for peace and calm in all aspects of our lives, be it social, economical or political.”

UPC also demands that louncil system at village level need to be more vigilant and respond promptly to families with on and off issues that have a potential of erupting into domestic violence.

“The local councils ought to be more trained on how to resolve domestic conflicts to attain a lasting solution to domestic violence,” she says.

Much as the report shows a decrease in crime cases, UPC urges that the police and other security agencies need to cause a spirited fight and come up with ‘water tight measures’ to avert robberies and restore sanity with the people in the community.

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