Awac Lion FC 1:0 Northern Gateway

Awac Lion FC and LSA players in action.

“It (the win) was attributed to fantastic displays by  the opponent during the game,” Ivan Okello, captain, Northern Gateway.

By Lalam Regina Olal

Lira – 4, April 2021: A second half goal by Odong Aldo of Awac Lion FC was the only goal for the visitors to win away in a friendly match  against Northern Gateway at the weekend.

Awac Lion FC’s head coach Sam Omega in his address to press after the game, said “the game played in a closed door on Saturday at Akii -Bua aims at preparing the teams  for any FUFA competitions”.

Ivan Okello, the Northern Gateway captain accepted the defeats, and said: “It’s attributed to fantastic displays by  the opponent during the game.”
It’s the first time Northern Gateway is coming back in actions since their exit from FUFA Big League in October last year when they faced defeat from Calvary FC in a Regional League playoff.
The Northern Uganda based football club  is now waiting for the FUFA fixtures on how to start 3rd division and other lower leagues  that is 4th and 5th in the region.

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