Lira CAO interdicts four senior officers, why?

Lira DLG Headquarters. Courtesy photo.

By Christine Awor

“Despite the fact that these people were interdicted, it is according to the public service standing order that it can be done to anyone,” Mr Frank Oyugi, Dir. Strategic Communications, GLCSMS.

Lira – 2, April 2021: The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Lira district local government, Mr Ben Otim Ogwete has interdicted four senior staff over the issue of land on plot 41, Church.

This is where Galilae Pharmacy is constructed with unclear circumstances.

The senior staffs interdicted are Mr Fabius Otike, district natural resource officer, Mr Ocen Olwon, senior land management officer, Ms Hellen Anyango, treasurer district land board together with Mr Francis Opio, the district land surveyor.

Lira district information officer (spokesperson), Mr Francis Okello Olwa has confirmed the interdiction, saying it will make it easy for further investigation into the matter, and that the Chief Administrative Officer has requested Officer in Charge Criminal investigative Department to start the investigations.

The residents of Lira district who have been concerned on the circumstances under which this land was sold out and Galilea Pharmacy put up so swiftly, said the punishment given out to the officers are not even enough to instill some discipline in them.

Mr Jackson Etwop of Top Power, a Civil Society Organization, says the steps taken on these people are an eye opener and the beginning of the solution because corruption cases have been so vast in Lira district.

Mr Isaach Ogwal Ogweny said he is still left in dismay because some people who were as well supposed to be in the interdiction list are missing.

Mr Ogwal promised to follow the issue up until the suspected people too are followed with law and no stone left unturned.

On the other hand, Mr Frank Oyugi who is the director in charge Strategic Communications for TND News and Great Lakes Center for Strategic Media Studies (GLCSMS) recently wrote an inquiry letter to Lira district asking to be availed with circumstances under which this land was sold, who bought it and whose account the money was wired to.

He said despite the fact that these people were interdicted, it is according to the public service standing order that it can be done to anyone.

“I still demand an answer concerning my letter,” Mr Oyugi says.

He further said it is a lame excuse to say people who are supposed to provide the explanations are already not in office because the CAO is the custodian of all government properties and if I am not provided with them, everything will fall back to the Court of Law.

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