Galo Githo, ex-Makerere University student joins Drake University

Friends [people] close to him have defined him as “a conscious man” and one who doesn’t rush to “do things”.

Kampala – 1, April 2021: Known among his former Makerere University students as the “Ivory Tower”, Stephen Renny Galo Githo is back to school, nearly two-and-half decades when Makerere University administration expelled him for organizing a riot.

Born from Tororo, Eastern Uganda, Galo Githo was admitted to Makerere University but got expelled alongside other students for their ‘illegal actions’.

After being shown an exit, he halted his academic pursuit, and lived in the village; became “unpopular” but remained a bright student he was known for.

In one of his many writings and advocacies about Galo Githo, James William Mugeni wrote: While at St. Peters College Tororo, if we must go by the student community ratings, Galo Githo was loved. Being the smallest, we called him the tiniest boy; he was a unique character who not only was funny, but a master of charm language loaded with wisdom.”

Galo Githo, a student icon, an activist however, according to his fellow Torororian, Mugenyi, currently in the USA, his life was changed as per his posted on Facebook, a day after Makarere University’s Ivory Tower was set on fire.

Soon, the silent “Ivory Tower” was brought into limelight, again, and his friends, fellow students and well wishers started different fundraising campaigns for his restoration.

In less than a year, the man has been restored to near 100% with more support being arranged in his name.

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The latest update TND News has got is that he’s now with one of the oldest private Universities in the USA, Drake.

“Drake University, USA picked him and now repairing him. I am excited about him; the university has him as their first international student for Certified Public Manager training,” Mugeni, who became the first Ugandan to bring back the “silent Ivory Tower” to the public, says.

Asked by this publication his feelings on resuming classes again, Galo Githo briefly texted us back. “……Give me a little while longer and I answer your questions.”

Friends close to him defines him as “a conscious man” and one who doesn’t rush to “do things”.

“The man is in the class once again. From a small Facebook post I made came a burnt brain. I told the University we are pacesetters,”

Additionally, Mugeni said: “On my part, I am doing what each of us is supposed to do. Creating opportunities for others. Qualified as a certified public manager and now an ambassador for Uganda, I am credited for the [Drake’s] program in Uganda. Let us see how we grow it.”

On Good Friday, TND News will run a Q&A with Galo.

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