Why the unity of Africa is a matter of continental importance       

Odaka Asuman.

By Asuman Odaka

Africa is threatened, the black race is endangered. Africa is arguably the most endowed continent in every aspect and therefore most attractive to any white-collar thief for which these pink-nosed grandchildren of the black man have become.

 Tororo -17, March 2021: There is abundant evidence to uphold that Africa is not only the cradle of human origin but also of human civilization of all discoveries that we know today and yet to come. I wish to state here from the onset that the first human from whom all human beings owe their origin were a black man.

The white man (as we know today) simply lost their skin pigment because of moving to those difficult parts of the world. Their ability to think harder is also because of the need to survive in those difficulties, nothing special about them. The only special thing is that they are so selfish not to recognize their history and origin so much that instead they work hard every day to destroy it and rewrite what glorifies them.

Any retrogression in Africa’s advancement is squarely because of the disruptive efforts by these same agents of the devils through their well-planned programs of colonialism, neocolonialism, imperialism, brain drain, bio chemical mass murder, deceptive propaganda, brainwash and outright violence both directly and sponsored.

Former US secretary of state, Henry Kissinger was one of the most eloquent and pronounced men in these ill schemes. They established many organizations to systematically execute their plans. International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank etc., are effective in the frontiers of economics, while Hollywood and other film firms are to vulgarize our cultural and morality as they present the “superman” image of the white skinned man. Their multinational corporations not only influence governance in our countries but also manufacture one of the most dangerous drinks for our markets. For those who try to resist them, murder is what will befall them. This is one of the reason brother leader Gaddafi was murdered.

According to Bill Gates, the world needs to eliminate about 3 billion people especially from Africa to create space for those able to participate in the global economy. To this group, Africa is a very vital continent for the future of the global economy but African are a useless habitat.

Africa is arguably the most endowed continent in every aspect and therefore most attractive to any white-collar thief for which these pink-nosed grandchildren of the black man have become.

To achieve this they have invented STDs of all kinds to destroy, disable and or reduce the multiplication rate of the black race. When this was not working at their satisfactory rate and pace, they invented HIV/AIDS, which they deliberately injected into the black peoples’ bodies under the cover of their so-called health camps. A case in point was in South Africa.

During the apartheid times, blacks had limited rights including rights to access quality health services; these criminals used this cover to establish clinics purportedly to provide charitably affordable medical service to the black people in South Africa. In these clinics, they massively injected the AIDS virus into the bodies of blacks. This accounts for the ravaging effect of AIDS in that part of the continent. They have similar criminal schemes in many parts of the continent.

This is after a perpetuated propaganda that AIDS catches humans mostly through sex. They even invented ABC programs. Allegedly to encourage ABSTAIN, being faithful to ONE PARTNER and use CONDOMS. Of course, the real intention was not to save Africans from getting the virus but to control population growth.

Even the condoms they manufactured were lubricated with deadly chemicals whose effects are equally grave as far as killing people’s manhood. Have you ever wondered the rate at which African men are losing manhood strength?

This was also escorted by severe propaganda against family and sex life of the black man. To date I still do not understand how a white man convinced Africans that polygamy is evil but homosexuality and or sex with animals is a human right. They convinced the African that birth control is synonymous with family planning.

This is done so much that a person with many children is being seen as backward, careless, reckless, and planning less without telling us the economic, security, social and political implications of a big population which they, themselves benefited from it.

Today we are all grappling with Covid-19, which the imperialists had hoped that it would ravage Africa to emptiness. To their surprise, Africa is the least hit. Suspiciously, however, when they “discovered” the vaccine they were hell bent to test in on Africans yet logic would demand that since Covid-19 hit them most, the vaccine was meant to be tested on them because one would not know the effectiveness of the vaccine if it were tested on people on whom Covid-19 was not very severe.

The other issues that cast doubt about the faith in which the vaccine was made is the behaviors of some of the manufacturers of the same vaccine. It is a known practice among the makers of such vaccines that before it is rolled out, they sign some binding agreement that in case of some side effect, and the manufacturer would be liable subject to the conditions and therefore many times; even employ the services of insurance companies.

For this vaccine, things are different because the manufacturers have refused to sign and yet they require the person to be vaccinated to first sign a consent form.

Equally of concern is the differences in types of the vaccine delivered to different countries. The act of some countries rejecting particular types and the African government just accepting is also very suspicious. What is the basis of rejection and donating them particularly to African countries?

This is not to encourage intransigent behaviors amongst the African but to encourage vigilance but most importantly to remind every African that we can still overcome these tragedies not as tiny countries but as a single big unit of Africa. Africa needs to unit now more than ever before.

Our fore fathers fore saw all these, warned us about them but also prescribed steps in which we could counter the evil.

Unity of Africa is now an urgent issue if the black race is to survive the global conspiracy. Do not consider non-African your friend; all of them are in a game of survival and pursuit of interest.

This is a dream we must live to achieve during our lifetime. Agenda Africa could be one of the building blocks towards that dream.

The writer lives in the Eastern part of Africa (Uganda) and founder member of AGENDA AFRICA, a continental youth led organization with the primary aim to unite Africa among other objectives.

Telephone: +256753195384

Email. asumanmrjn@gmail.com

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